80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ Kissing The Pink (KTP)

Sure, the name is a bit odd, conjuring up some R- or even X-rated mental visions. But, quirky name aside, Kissing The Pink started life in England as a solid New Wave/synth-pop band circa 1982. The original members were Nick Whitecross, Jon Hall, George Stewart, Josephine Wells, Pete “Barnie” Barnett, Sylvia Griffin, and Steve Cusack. As with many bands from that era, there were other members that moved in and out over the years.

The band had a strong cult following, but failed to break into the big time. Even though they had several early singles that charted well, widespread recognition eluded them. The band ended up shortening their name to KTP in 1985, and the single “Certain Things Are Likely” made it to number 1 and remained there for three weeks in 1987. It’s definitely one of my favorite Kissing The Pink recordings. When you watch/listen below, I dare you to sit still.

Although they did not enjoy the worldwide success they deserved, KTP has remained together, recording as recently as last year, comprised of Jon, Nick, and George. They are also currently actively involved with producing music. There are 4 KTP albums available to purchase and listen to. I highly recommend checking this band out. They stayed the course throughout the 80’s, and left their indelible mark on the synth-pop/dance music scene. Those of you who were active clubbers probably danced the night away fueled by KTP and the most diverse music decade ever.

Purchase Kissing the Pink/KTP music here.

“The Other Side Of Heaven” via YouTube user Industrial82:

“The Last Film” via YouTube user smorodina:

“Radio On” via YouTube user NormN354:

“Certain Things Are Likely” via YouTube user pelepollo:


Naked (1983)





What Noise? (1984)





Certain Things Are Likely (1986) (as KTP)





 Sugarland (1993)