80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ Teenage Head

Photo by: Peter Bauce

You’ve got to love a punk band with a clever name and a hot music catalog. Teenage Head, from Hamilton, ON Canada wins on both counts. It’s an eclectic band that’s fun to listen to and actually spans more music genres than merely punk.

Teenage Head’s founding members were Frankie Venom (who died on Oct. 15, 2008), Gord Lewis, Steve Mahon, and Nick Stipanitz (later replaced by Jack Pedler). They formed in 1975 and released their first single, “Picture My Face,” three years later. Their self-titled album Teenage Head followed shortly after.

It wasn’t until the LP Frantic City was released in 1980 that the band became well-known throughout Canada. The album’s success led to gigs in the US, which had to be played without Gord Lewis who was in a serious car wreck just prior to the tour. He was temporarily replaced by David Bendeth.

The next album, Tornado, was released in 1983 and came with its own bit of controversy. It seems the stuffed shirts at the American distributor took exception to the band’s name and insisted they change it to Teenage Heads. Puhleeze. Teenage Head acquiesced, and the album would spawn their last hit in Canada.

In 1985, although plagued with personnel changes, Teenage Head managed to release another album, Trouble In The Jungle. Their final 80’s-era album was titled Head Disorder and failed to produce a single that charted.

Be sure to check out this multi-faceted band who deserved much more recognition than they ultimately received. Tight, talented, and at times troublesome (they appeared at a concert in 1978 billed as “The Last Pogo” which ended in a riot) they were certainly capable of world recognition. Although widespread fame eluded them, their worthwhile contribution to 80’s music lives on.

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Luv for Sale” via YouTube user bobzmyuncle:

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Teenage Head (1979)
Frantic City (1980)
Some Kinda Fun (1982)
Tornado EP (as “Teenage Heads”) (1983)
Trouble in the Jungle (1986)
Electric Guitar (1988)
Head Disorder (1996)
Teenage Head with Marky Ramone (2008)