80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ House Of Love

Prior to doing research for this post, the only House of Love song I was familiar with was “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” – a catchy 80’s-infused tune with more than a hint of what was coming as a signature 90’s style, a.k.a. shoegaze. A couple of weeks ago, David Marsden played “Marble,” which caught my ear, and the seed was planted to do a little more investigating.

The House of Love began life in 1986 in Camberwell, London. The initial line-up was singer/guitarist Guy Chadwick (vocals, guitar), Terry Bickers (guitar), Andrea Heukamp (vocals, guitar), Chris Groothuizen (bass), and Pete Evans (drums). Prior to releasing their untitled debut LP in 1988, they released three singles: “Shine On,””Real Animal,” and “Christine.”

One curious thing about this band was that they seemed to be at a loss for album titles. Their first three albums were simplistically titled The House Of Love. To distinguish one collection from another, the first one is referred to as the “Singles Collection,” and the third release as “Butterfly.” Got that? Good.

Tensions mounted over the first few years the band was in action, and Bickers ended up leaving in 1989 to form Levitation. He was replaced by Simon Walker. Heukamp had previously left the band in 1987, but returned in 1990 to provide backing vocals..

The group has continued to remain together in one iteration or another over the years, releasing an album as recently in 2005. I’m not all that familiar with their later work, but find their 80’s music to be vital and talent-laden, and certainly worthy of more airplay and promotion than they received. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking them now that you have a chance to go back and discover what you’ve missed.

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I Don’t Know Why I Love You” via YouTube user 23Daves:

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Shine On” via YouTube user anyonewitheyes:

“Destroy The Heart” via YouTube user apesgrapes:

Christine” via YouTube user vimequin:

1980’s Discography

The House of Love (singles collection) – 1987
The House of Love – 1988
The House of Love (Butterfly) – 1990
A Spy in the House of Love – 1990