80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ Jesus Jones

Continuing the Jesus theme with Christmas right around the corner, this week’s criminally underrated band is Jesus Jones from the UK.

Even though Jesus Jones was mostly active in the 90s, they originally formed in 1986 as Camouflage by Mike Edwards along with Simon Matthews and Alan Doughty. Over a two-year span, Camouflage quickly morphed into the equally short-lived Big Colour, which eventually morphed into Jesus Jones. This transition was rounded out with the addition of Jerry de Abela Borg and Iain Baker.

Jesus Jones incorporated house and techno styles of electronic rock as they helped to blaze a trail into the 1990s indie dance scene. Their first critical success came with “Info Freako” from the 1989 album Liquidizer. The tune that broke the band worldwide was “Right Here, Right Now” from their second album Doubt (1991) which did far better in the U.S (reaching number 2) than in the UK (number 31).

Read more about this unique and appealing late-80s group at their official website. What’s truly interesting is how they transitioned from the 80s into the more expansive shoe-gaze/techno house band sounds of the 90s in a seamless and effortless fashion. If you take the time to listen to their music in sequence, it presents 80s-90s music evolution as an entertaining and informative history lesson.

Purchase Jesus Jones music here.

International Bright Young Thing” via YouTube user emimusic:

Never Enough” via YouTube user tearecords:

Zeroes and Ones” via YouTube user udenjan:

Real Real Real” via YouTube user Luiscmck90s:

The Devil You Know” via YouTube user udenjan:


Liquidizer (1989)
Doubt (1991)
Perverse (1993)
Scratched (1993)
Already (1997)
Never Enough (The Best Of Jesus Jones) (2002)
The Remixes (2008)