80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ Cassandra Complex

Cassandra Complex began as an avant-garde act when Rodney Orpheus met Paul Dillon in Leeds. Andy Booth, who was a journalist that interviewed the band, later joined their ranks.

Cassandra Complex music can be described as being 80’s Goth with a smattering of industrial thrown in for fun. I have a huge soft spot for Goth/industrial, my ears perking up whenever David Marsden or Ed-FM feature the genre. Moody, heavy, and extremely expressive, Cassandra Complex definitely has what it takes to do justice to the style.

The band released their first single, the appropriately titled “March”, in March 1985. When Dillon subsequently left, the band recruited John Marchini, with Jez Willis and Keith Langley providing back-up. The newly reformed Cassandra Complex released a live cassette and was signed to the local label Rouska.

In 1988, Marchini and Booth left, leaving Orpheus to recruit a new line-up for 1989’s Satan, Bugs Bunny, and Me album. Hamburg guitarist Volker Zacharias joined a year later, and remains to this day. Over the years, more personnel changes ensued, but the band currently continues to tour, with another album due to be released this year.

Cassandra Complex music can be found here.

Official Cassandra Complex website.

Rodney Orpheus website.

One Millionth Happy Customer via YouTube user Shams79:

“March” via YouTube user rodneyorpheus:

“Defcon 1” via Youtube user Waver80:

“Power” via YouTube user Dexbam:


Grenade (1986)
Theomania (1988)
Satan, Bugs Bunny, and me … (1989)
Cyberpunx (1990)
The War Against Sleep (1991)
Sex & Death (1993)
Wetware (2000)