Marsbar Playlist ~ 1-19-2014

January 19, 2014

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The complete list thanks to help from JerusalemSlim:

69 Eyes – Betty Blue
A’s – A Woman’s Got The Power
Alt-J – Dissolve Me
Alt-J – Intro (An Awesome Wave)
Alt-J – Tessellate
Arcade Fire – Here Comes The Night Time
Big Brother & The Holding Company – Summertime
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings – South
Blue Peter – Take Me To War
Bob Geldof – This Is The World Calling
Champion Heartache – Things I Left Behind
Cody Gamracy – Feeling The Same Way
Colin James – Freedom
Comsat Angels – Independence Day
Concrete Blonde – Everybody Knows
Conjure One – Tears From The Moon
Darkroom – A Test Of Time
David Usher – A Day In The Life
Dee Long – Good Night Universe
Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen
DJ Champion – Perfect In Between
Elliott Murphy – Thirty Was A Long Time Ago
Eric Charles – In For The Ride
Feargal Sharkey – A Good Heart
Flesh For Lulu – I Go Crazy
Fools – It’s A Night For Beautiful GIrls
Foster The People – Coming Of Age
Fraternity Of Man – Don’t Bogart That Joint
Genesis – Watcher Of The Skies
Gentlemen Husbands – Wandering Eye
Jim Carroll Band – People Who Died
JoBoxers – Just Got Lucky
Jon & Vangelis – I Hear You Now
Jona Lewie – Louise (We Get It Right)
Juluka – Scatterlings Of Africa
Leon Russell – A Song For You
Lorde – Glory & Gore
Patti Smith – Dancing Barefoot
Peter Murphy – Hit Song
Pink Floyd – Poles Apart
Pixies – Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)
Procol Harum – Conquistador
Project Pitchfork – I Live Your Dream (Gary Numan remix)
Raine Maida – Rising Tide
Raised By Swans – Violet Light
Robbie Robertson – Soap Box Preacher
Royal Canoe – Today We’re Believers
Simple Minds – Broken Glass Park
Slave To The SQUAREwave – Texan Thugs and Rock ‘N’ Roll
Snowy White – In The Skies (Rehearsal Version)
Status Quo – In The Army Now
Steve Hillage – Radio
Strange Advance – Love Games
Strange Advance – We Run (12″ mix)
Taj Mahal – Take A Giant Step
Tears For Fears – Ready To Start
Terry Draper – Stranded
Ultravox – Satellite
Wallflowers – One Headlight
XTC – Making Plans For Nigel
Yello – Lost Again

For previous David Marsden lists starting from 2003, visit RalphD’s blog “Marsbar Theater.” Ralph is the creator and original caretaker of the lists.

Marsbar Playlist ~ 1-5-2014

January 5, 2014

David Marsden on the Rock.FM every Saturday and Sunday night from 7 p.m. until midnight. Streaming live via the Internet. Join the fun and get some interesting (and always entertaining) information at the new forum on Marsden Global.

Most of the list thanks to help from JerusalemSlim. Missed the song between Peter Murphy and Paul Young, and there is one unidentified artist. If anyone has any information about these songs, please leave a message.

??? – Ain’t No Sunshine
A-Ha – Crying In The Rain
Al Kooper – Eleanor Rigby (cover)
Alarm – Prison Without Prison Bars
B.B. King & Eric Clapton – Come Rain Or Come Shine
Band – Shine A Light
Barney Bentall – The Outskirts Of Buffalo
Ben’s Brother – Carry On
Big Audio Dynamite – The Bottom Line
Bolus – Outside
Box – Live On TV
Brian Eno – Here He Comes
Bruce Cockburn – The Coldest Night Of The Year
City Boy – 5000 Years/Don’t Know Can’t Tell
Concrete Blonde – One Of My Kind
Conjure One – Sleep
Cottage Industry – Things Go Up
Cure – Lullaby
David Bowie – Sound & Vision
Dee Long – Good Night Universe
Deftones – Drive
Delerium – A Poem For Byzantium
Everly Brothers – Wake Up Little Suzie
Jake Bugg – Broken
Lee Michaels – Do You Know What I Mean
Leonard Cohen – First We Take Manhattan
Lewis Furey – Cops Ballet
Lewis Furey – Rubber Gun Show
Lewis Furey – Top Ten Sexes
Long John Baldry – A Thrill’s A Thrill
Moby feat. Patti Labelle – One Of These Mornings
Motors – Airport
No Doubt – Easy
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Joan Of Arc (Maid Of Orleans)
Paul Young – Come Back & Stay
Peter Murphy – Final Solution
Propellerheads – Velvet Pants
Pukka Orchestra – Your Secret Is Safe With Me
Pursuit Of Happiness – She’s So Young
R.E.M. – Orange Crush
Ray Charles – A Song For You
Roger Waters – The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid)
Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes – Walk Away Renee
Stereo MCs – Connected
Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble – Little WIng
Talking Heads – And She Was
Tegan & Sara – Closer
Thought – There Was A Boy
Todd Rundgren – Hello It’s Me
Tornadoes – Telstar
Ultravox – Contact
Unheilig – Unter Deiner Flagge
Various Artists – Perfect Day ’97
Vladymir Rogov – Where Is Love
Wallflowers feat. Mick Jones – Reboot The Mission
Waterboys – Independence Day
Waterwalk – Never Leaving Eden Again
William Shatner – I Am Canadian (Live at Just For Laughs)
XTC – Dear God
Zeus – Love/Pain

For previous David Marsden lists starting from 2003, visit RalphD’s blog “Marsbar Theater.” Ralph is the creator and original caretaker of the lists.

80’s Music Rules ~ My Top Ten 80’s LPs

Before I embark down this slippery slope, I want to preface it with the caveat that this is a purely subjective list. Anytime anyone is asked to come up with favorite *anythings* the resulting list must be viewed from the perspective of my mother, whose favorite saying is, “Everybody’s taste is different. That’s what makes the world go ‘round.” Well put, Mom.

This was a difficult task, indeed. Ask any audiophile to pare their list of favorite music collections down to a mere 10, and the frustration level is sure to climb quickly. It’s tantamount to asking a long-distance runner which leg they’d like to sacrifice, or a hoarder which pet they’d like to keep. OK, maybe it’s not all that bad, but it’s certainly not a walk in the park.

After much consideration, I have narrowed my list of well-loved 80’s LPs to the very paltry ten listed below. This was a thought-provoking and extremely painful process. There are no explanations (excuses) as to why, only a profound sense of loss when imagining not being able to hear these treasures again. Yes, I know the Gary Numan selection missed the 80’s by a year….but it’s my blog and my rules. Feel free to chime in with your own list – I’m always happy to see what floats someone else’s boat.

Armoury Show – Waiting For The Floods (1985)
“Waiting For The Floods” via YouTube user RNregina:

Chameleons – Strange Times (1986)
“Soul In Isolation” via YouTube user LefthandOfDarkness:

Gary Numan – The Pleasure Principle (1979)
“Metal” via YouTube user amenka:

Japan – Quiet Life (1980)
“All Tomorrow’s Parties” via YouTube user ghostsonatasong:

The Lucy Show – Undone (1985)
“This Is No Heaven” via YouTube user Robertpere1:

Peter Murphy – Wild Birds (1985-1995)
“Indigo Eyes” via YouTube user sweatingfretboards:

Roxy Music – Avalon (1982)
“Avalon (Live)” via YouTube user higmadon:

Simple Minds – Sons & Fascination (1981)
“Love Song” via YouTube user Dexbam:

Strange Advance – Worlds Away (1982)
“Worlds Away” via YouTube user mysweeteventhorizon:

Vis-A-Vis – Heart and Soul (1985)
“I Am The Night (Colour Me Black)” via YouTube user JAMR1977:


80’s Music Rules ~ Angelic 80’s Voices ~ Part Two

In August 2009, I featured five of what I considered “angelic voices” from the 80’s – Morten Harket, Bryan Ferry, Iva Davies, David Sylvian, and Freddie Mercury. Continuing that theme, I would like to add five more singers to that list, with a slight twist.

This list is purely subjective, 100% male, and comprised of singers that I feel should be showcased for their power, range, and creativity. One singer is not from the 80’s era, but encompasses all that made David Bowie and Iva Davies outstanding 80’s vocalists, and whose music is definitely retro. Let’s start with him.

Colin Troy – I have previously featured his group, Slave To The SQUAREwave, along with manager and keyboardist, Rob Stuart. Colin’s voice has incredible range. Bowie-esque and emotive, Colin far surpasses Bowie in style and technique. S2TSW, as a whole, is a formidable contemporary group, and Colin’s voice catapults them out of the park and into the stratosphere.

Sinners of Saint Avenue” via YouTube user Sparksmusic:

Peter Murphy – Known for his work with 80’s goth band Bauhaus, Peter Murphy struck out on his own and established himself as an extraordinary vocalist. Love Hysteria is a solid collection of Peter Murphy songs and a great primer for those not familiar with his music. When work is overwhelming, Murphy is a favorite iPod selection to take me away from harsh reality and into more bearable surroundings.

Indigo Eyes” via YouTube user sweating fretboards:

Rude Van Steenes – Frontman for the criminally underrated and heartbreakingly short-lived Canadian band Vis-A-Vis, Rude’s voice is a strong and compelling instrument. Both of my fave Djs, David Marsden and Ed-FM have done their best to keep this important sound alive on the airways. Check out the very few Vis-A-Vis offerings on YouTube and you, too, will fall under Rude’s spell.

Shadow Play” via YouTube user RudeVanSteenes:

Darryl Kromm – Lead singer for another criminally underrated Canadian band, Strange Advance, Kromm provides vocals that are soothing, lush, and a treat for your ears. In addition to a backing band that nails every Strange Advance song we were lucky to hear, Kromm’s voice set an 80’s standard that most heavily-rotated singers could only aspire to.

Worlds Away” via YouTube user mysweeteventhorizon:

Paul Humphrey – Blue Peter is one of my all-time favorite criminally underrated Canadian bands. Humphrey gave (and still gives) a first-rate performance somewhat reminiscent of David Byrne on steroids. As with all the bands and artists that never received the recognition they were due, it makes me wonder what Byrne had that Humphrey did not. In my mind, the answer is, “Nothing.”

“Don’t Walk Past” via YouTube user johnmcboston: