80’s Music Rules ~ Impending Loom ~ CHLY 101.7 FM

In the comments section of my latest post about Ed-FM’s Retrospect Show, I received an invitation (challenge perhaps? <insert smiley here>) to listen to Impending Loom from 5-8 pm PDT (8-11 pm EDT) Friday evenings on CHLY 101.7 FM. The author, DJ Doc, described the playlist as heavy funk, ska, and alt-80’s, which I consider to be an interesting mixture indeed.

I checked out the station’s website and discovered it broadcasts from Malaspina University in Nanaima, British Columbia, Canada. Ed-FM’s Retrospect from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario is a winner in my book, so naturally I was curious about CHLY’s Impending Loom. My searches led me to the Impending Loom blog lovingly maintained by DJ Doc and MC Mic Control that provides the playlists from each show. After reading through them, I decided to give the show a listen.

I tuned in last night for most of the show, as technical issues precluded me from listening to the very beginning. In order to stream the show live using the .pls file, I finally had to acquiesce and download WinAmp – on both my laptop and PC. For some strange reason, neither computer’s Windows Media could play from the URL provided on the website. Being technically challenged, rather than diagnose the problem, I circumvented it by downloading WinAmp, which promised to open .pls files. It worked.

The show provided an excellent, vibrant backdrop to a thriller mystery that I’m currently reading. Although I am not a fan of hip-hop, rap, or funk, the selections that DJ Doc and MC Mic Control played were high quality creations by gifted artists. I hit my groove when the show took a turn to ska and alt-80’s, but the best part of all was the mash-ups.

For those of you that are unsure of what a fabulous mash-up is, it’s when someone with a great ear mixes two seemingly unrelated songs together and they mesh flawlessly. Unfortunately, I did not take the time to write down the humorous-yet brilliant mash-up combinations on last night’s show, but I am sure that they will show up on the blog’s playlist sometime today.

Do yourself a favor and check out the playlists posted at the Impending Loom blogsite. Then, tune in next Friday night for something different, engaging, and entertaining. DJ Doc and MC Mic Control serve up an outstanding buffet of eclectic tuneage that will leave even the most voraciously hungry music fan feeling perfectly sated.