80’s (and sometimes 00’s) Music Rules ~ Introducing Marilyn Roxie

marilynThis is a huge departure from my usual 80’s music blogging ventures. There’s a method to my obvious madness, though. Marilyn Roxie is rapidly becoming a star of the current electronic music scene. Because a lot of today’s electronic music owes at least a nod to the brave souls who championed the genre during the late 70’s and early 80’s, I believe this review fits in quite nicely with my 80’s post-punk, New Wave, synth-pop theme.

 That said, I also want to dispel any notions that it’s a bad thing to acknowledge one’s musical roots. I mean really, would anyone have taken it the wrong way had Tchaikovsky cited Beethoven as an influence? Or if a music critic from 200 years ago had made some sort of correlation between the two? I sincerely doubt it. So, I mean it with utmost sincerity and respect that Marilyn represents all that is great about what started as a renegade genre some thirty-plus years ago.

 Her hot-off-the-presses release, New Limerent Object is an extraordinary testimonial to what an enormously talented person can do when left to her own devices. This amazing freshman full-length release comes hot on the heels of a couple of EPs released during the past few months. If they were a warm-up to New Limerent Object, what musical delights might we expect from the next release? Here I am already anticipating a marvelous follow-up!marilyn1

 Three paragraphs in and I seem to have missed the most interesting fact of all; Marilyn is only nineteen years of age. That begs the question: If she is putting out music of this high caliber at nineteen, what will she be capable of creating in 5, 10, or even 25 years from now? I can only hope I’m still around to hear and enjoy it.

 Personal favorites from New Limerent Object include the spare yet ever-so-perfect piano set in “Indigo,” deliciously followed by “(Nearer) Interlude.” Marilyn experiments successfully with voices in “Seagull Room” (yes, I can feel/hear them swarming over me). The unpronounceable 12th track is an earnest trip into the inner recesses of your mind with just a slight touch of Asian and psychedelic influence that really, really works well. She returns to her fabulous piano ability in “The Cove” and brings it all to a perfect conclusion with the closing piece, “Complete Thought.” In all, there are sixteen sweet tracks, each one different, superb, and enthralling.

 If you are a serious fan of electronica, the piano/keyboards, or both, particularly (dare I say it?) of the Brian Eno brand of 80’s electronic music and beyond, then get yourself over to Marilyn’s site and treat your ears. Ms. Roxie has offered the public a free download of New Limerent Object and a look onto her musical background at MarilynRoxie.com.  Her other blog dedicated to covering other up-and-comers like her is aptly called “A Future In Noise.” Yes, Marilyn, you certainly do have one of those.

 ***Edit: New Official Video for “Indigo” on YouTube directed by EK Wimmer and via user veduta:

1frontcoverNLONew Limerent Object (Independent Release 2009)

(Download from Sendspace http://www.sendspace.com/file/xw8k9v ) 6backcoverNLO

 (on Last FM http://www.last.fm/music/Marilyn+Roxie)

(from MySpace http://www.myspace.com/marilynroxie )

80’s Music Rules ~ Spotlighting Some Fave Music Blogs

new-wave-wallpaperSo many bloggers are waxing poetic on leaving 2008 in the dust (thankfully) and hoping for a better year to come. Instead of following suit, I want to take this opportunity to only focus on the positive — by calling attention to some of my favorite music bloggers out on the Interwebs.

If not for a legion of dedicated, and in some instances downright fanatical music fans, there are so many musicians with extraordinary talent that would hardly ever get the attention they deserve. This music may be from past artists that were “criminally underrated” (the focus of a somewhat

(photo credit: http://tinyurl.com/7q8mzv)

weekly series of mine), all the way up to current bands and musicians who are struggling to have their music aired. One common theme that has refused to disappear over the past few decades is the hubris of corporate suits who feel they know what’s best for music fans. The amount of garbage the public has been force-fed over the past 4 decades would fill a thousand landfills to capacity. Thanks to a few DJs who bucked the good ol’ boy system of years gone by, and a current network of dedicated bloggers, music that should have been aired in the past and should be promoted in the present is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

My favorite Floridian, Chris, writes a noteworthy blog called The Local Vertical. In it, he features independent bands that are cutting edge and in dire need of promotion. If you want a dose of up-and-coming, along with some “kick-ass” NASA eye-candy sprinkled in for good measure, give Chris’s site a visit. I guarantee that Indie fans will find a whole treasure trove of material that will make you keep coming back for more.

My favorite New Waver, fiftypercent, runs a blog that is mostly 80’s New Wave and Post-Punk, alongside some notable 90’s and 00’s music, to boot. Mine for Life is chock full of obscure music that will have you smacking your forehead and muttering, “Where the heck was I when that came out?” Fiftypercent has a scorching satirical wit to go along with great information that outshines Wikipedia itself. Don’t miss out on listening to some exquisitely rare tunes.

Heading across the pond to England, we have DavyH and The Ghost of Electricity. Davy always spins a personal touch to each song he features, recalling sweet memories and humorous tales that the song evokes. There is a hint of eccentricity to this eclectic mix of tunes. That is just one of many reasons to hurry over and have a listen.flag_of_canada_and_the_united_kingdom

Speaking of “a little bit of everything,” that’s what you’ll find at Half-Hearted Dude’s blog, Any Major Dude With Half a Heart. In fact, he was one of the first to urge me to come over to WordPress when things heated up at Blogger. The Dude is a lover of all kinds of great music which spans multi-genres and several decades. He “tells it like it is” and relies on a vast wealth of knowledge to bolster his credibility. I can promise you’ll end up spending hours there.

Heading back over to Canada, we have Jason’s fine blog which centers on current Indie releases and is known as Get Your OJ Dot Com Version 9.0. Jason is a great journalist who keeps on top of music and news in Canada and beyond. I have listened to some fabulous musicians that I would otherwise have missed out on had I not taken the time to visit. His passion for vital Indie music is apparent and contagious. It is a must stop for all surfing audiophiles.

One more blogger I’d like to make mention of is Marilyn from A Future In Noise. This is a promising up-and-coming blog by a very knowledgable and gifted musician. I’m expecting lots of great things to turn up in Marilyn’s blog for 2009, and hope that you will stop by to check it out for yourself.

This is all that time allows me to feature, for now. I have a list of all of my favorite blogs on the right side of the page and urge you to indulge in a few clicks to see what they are all about. One thing I strongly encourage you to do — if you read something you like and/or listen to something you enjoy, please leave a note for the blog owner. It means a lot to the authors to know that their hard work is appreciated. Many of these bloggers give of themselves to promote others without recompense of any kind. All it takes is a few nice words to keep them fired up to continue promoting the music that they, and we, love.

Happy New Year to you all.