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[Author’s note: I received the following information in the comments section and am including it here to set the record straight:

A little addition to your comments friend. Although I totally support your agreeable liking for the Stranglers, I must correct some facts. The Stranglers started in the  Seventies and their first ‘hit’ was No More Heroes, which came out in 1977. I saw them several times because to me they were the best band ever and when my daughter grew up, we used to see them together, until they split, which was a great pity. I strongly recommend No More Heroes. All the tracks there are just brilliant, full of anger and straight to the point, especially School Mam.

Greetings from London town, Nigel

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 The Stranglers began life in the 1970’s as a punk-era group called The Guildford Stranglers. Interestingly enough, none of the original band members were from Guildford, UK. At that time, bands/artists such as The Clash, Patti Smith, and the Ramones were busy storming the world with angry, thrashing post-psychedelic rock which eventually became widely known as “punk.” The Guildford Stranglers, although they supported that genre of musicians on tour as the opening act, considered themselves somewhat punk, but with a little bit more “je ne sais quoi” thrown into the mix.Stranglers 2

 It was this unique evolution that propelled them into the eclectic 80’s, and that has endeared me to The Stranglers (who eventually dropped the “Guildford” from their names) as a top-notch post-punk band. The original band was made up of Jet Black (Brian John Duffy, drums), Jean-Jacques Burnel (bass guitar, lead vocals), Dave Greenfield (keyboards, vocals), and Hugh Cornwell (guitars, lead vocals). Their first hit, “Golden Brown,” from their 1981 effort La Folie brought the Stranglers into the limelight and a chart position at #2 in the UK.

 My favorite Stranglers album is Aural Sculpture released in 1984. Another of their best-known releases, “Skin Deep,” is on this outstanding LP. Cornwell left the band in 1990 to pursue a solo career. The Stranglers continues on today, consisting of founding members Black, Burnel, and Greenfield, along with Baz Warne (guitar, lead vocals).

 Truly an outstanding and integral part of the 80’s post-punk scene, The Stranglers successfully morphed from somewhat-punk to conceptual, post-punk and beyond. Avail yourself of this fine band’s 80’s offerings if you consider yourself a serious 80’s connoisseur.

 “Golden Brown” via YouTube user clydelove:

 “Always The Sun” via YouTube user DELTATURBO:

 “Skin Deep” via YouTube user thewormster:

 “No More Heroes” via YouTube user giohiro:

(Note: I’ve only included the 1980’s releases)
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stranglers - meninblackThe Gospel According to The Meninblack (1981)



stranglers - la folieLa Folie (1981)



stranglers - felineFeline (1983)



strnaglers aural sculptureAural Sculpture (1984)




stranglers - dreamtime
Dreamtime (1986)


stranglers - 10 10 (1990)