80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ Flesh For Lulu

Flesh for Lulu formed in Brixton, London, UK, in 1982. Their music is described as being an Alternative rock/Gothic band. Personally, I consider it more solidly New Wave with a hint of Goth.

Nick Marsh (vocals and guitar), James Mitchell (drums), Rocco (originally from Wasted Youth, guitar and vocals), and Glen Bishop (bass) formed the original line-up of the band. After signing to Polydor Records in 1983, bassist Glen Bishop left to join Under Two Flags, and was replaced by Kevin Mills (formerly of Specimen).

Their first album, Flesh for Lulu, eluded commercial success. They followed it up with Blue Sisters Swing (1985), recorded for their new label, Hybrid. The album cover featured two nuns kissing, which led to the album being banned in the U.S. and Europe. I find that astounding based on the content of other album covers that were sold and promoted prominently featuring t&a, among other “naughty” bits.

Flesh for Lulu didn’t let that stop them. They joined yet another label, Statik Records, and released Big Fun City later the same year.

“I Go Crazy” (from Long Live the New Flesh — 1987) is the song for which the band is most noted. It was featured in the movie Some Kind of Wonderful and as a result enjoyed limited airplay on American college rock radio stations. Flesh for Lulu took advantage of this notoriety and toured the U.S. It paid off; their 1989 LP release, Decline and Fall, charted in the top 15 of the Modern Rock Tracks chart. In 1990, they cracked the U.S. nut with a single “Time and Space” which landed solidly in the top 10 of the Modern Rock chart. Unfortunately, Flesh for Lulu seems to have run out of steam at that point, and called it quits.

This is a band that’s definitely worth listening to and adding to your 80’s music collection. I was delighted to hear some very solid tunes beyond their commercial success, “I Go Crazy.” Flesh for Lulu was far from the unfair label of “one-hit wonders,” working hard throughout the decade and creating music that should have given them the sales and credibility that they deserved.

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80’s Discography

Flesh for Lulu (1984, Polydor)
Blue Sisters Swing (1985, Hybrid)
Big Fun City (1985, Statik)
Long Live the New Flesh (1987, Beggars Banquet)
Plastic Fantastic (1989, Beggars Banquet)