80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ Eye Eye (Canada)

eye eyeEye Eye is yet another criminally overlooked band from Canada. Because it was so short-lived and only produced two LPs, there is precious little information on this amazingly talented group. Interestingly enough, I found a fact-filled blurb on Answers.com.

The band began life in 1984 as a duo comprised of Andy Ryan (guitars) and Mark Caporal (drums). One bassist/singer pair came and went before bassist Tom Lewis, singer Bill Wood, and keyboardist Don Quon joined. To me, Eye Eye embodies the best of 80’s New Wave. Somewhere nestled between the sounds of Eight Seconds and Vis-A-Vis, this extraordinary band deserved more widespread success and recognition than it ultimately received.

Eye Eye was, unfortunately, not immune to the trials that so many other uber-talented 80’s bands encountered. The insurmountable turmoil created by personnel changes and probable creative differences led to a two-year lapse between their only two LP releases. That amount of time absent from a fickle music scene proved to be their demise. By 1988, the members of Eye Eye scattered to pursue other interests, and more tragically, Mark Caporal died in an air crash in 1990.

YouTube user mybasshas7strings has a treasure trove of original Eye Eye videos. There are only four in existence, but he has made them available for our viewing pleasure, and I have taken the liberty of linking them here.

“Out On A Limb” via YouTube user mybasshas7strings:

“Endless Night” via YouTube user mybasshas7strings:

“My Sensation” via YouTube user mybasshas7strings:

“X-Ray Eyes” via YouTube user mybasshas7strings:

More information on the band can be found at this Eye Eye fan’s Myspace page.  Good luck finding affordable copies of their music, long out of print and as rare as hen’s teeth. My own search has proven fruitless. What a shame that no record companies have stepped up to the plate to reissue these obscure-yet-priceless collections.


EE_1Just In Time To Be Late (1986)


EE_2Common Ground (1988)