80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Bands/Artists ~ Morten Harket

I am going to feature at least one criminally underrated band or artist each week. To qualify, the band/artist must be well-known for one 80’s song, leading unsuspecting (and clueless) people like me to wrongfully determine that they were “one-hit wonders,” never to be heard from again.

A-Ha/Morten Harket

The band A-Ha was known here in the states during the 80’s for the quirky tune “Take on Me” featuring impossible vocals, lots of synthesizer, and an animated video that blended real footage with sketchy line drawings. A delightfully funny send-up emerged on YouTube not too long ago, inspiring me to look further into what the band had produced in the 20 or so years following.

I was stunned by the treasure trove that I uncovered. Morten Harket, at times along with A-Ha, and at other times solo, has been very prolific musically speaking. His voice has remained a remarkable instrument of range and emotion, and his songs have evolved over time to be relevant and current. Added to this, the man has hardly aged physically.

From the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in 1998, a truly beautiful song with an impossibly long note:

A-Ha ~ Summer Moved On (via Peremarquette1225 on YouTube)

Jump ahead ten years to 2008 and yet another album release. This video is a live performance of “Darkspace” from Morten Harket’s latest album “Letter From Egypt.” Lower, darker and moodier, Harket’s voice is still strong and satisfying:

Morten Harket ~ Darkspace (via Oximets on YouTube)

Dear Santa, if you’re listening: I’d really love to have “Letter From Egypt” for Christmas.