80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ Moev

Moev1My love of 80’s electronica knows no bounds. When I hear something that makes my ears snap to attention, there’s a good chance it is something so deliciously synthesized, or has a great bass line, or in very special occasions…both.

 My initial experience with the smashing electronica band Moev was hearing “Head Down” for the first time on David Marsden’s show last year. I am quite sure I sat and listened in slack-jaw wonderment as this brilliant song hammered and bounced its way through my brain. Unfortunately, there isn’t a video that I can link to that features this hard-hitting song. Do yourself a huge favor and go to Moev’s MySpace page, select “Head Down” and “In and Out” from the player, and listen to them – all of it. You won’t regret it. 

 Moev formed in Vancouver, BC Canada in 1981 with Tom Ferris and Cal Stephenson as the nucleus. A series of musicians wandered in and out of the band over the course of the decade and beyond, altering its sound and delivery. The current iteration consists of Tom Ferris (electronics), Julie Ferris (vocals), Kevin Kane (guitar, backing vocals).

 I know longtime Moev purists may disagree, but personally, my favorite Moev music includes the era when Dean Russell (RIP 1994) was lead singer. This period, from about 1987 through 1992, produced such stellar collections as “Yeah Whatever” and “Head Down.”

 For a glimpse of what this band is all about, visit them on their official Moev website. Also, a fan tribute’s unofficial website has a wealth of information about this hidden treasure of a group. Definitely listen to the songs on the band’s MySpace page.

 Unfortunately, their older videos (including “Head Down”) have disappeared from YouTube leaving only very slim pickings from their earlier years.

 “Crucify Me” via YouTube user slider28:

 “Yeah Whatever” via YouTube user straberipatak:

“Suffer” via YouTube user drillywilly:


Moev1Zimmerkampf (1982)

moev2Dusk and Desire (1986)

moev3The Early Years (1988)










moev4Yeah Whatever (1988)

moev5Head Down (1990)

moev6Obituary Column (HA) (1991)