80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ Darkroom (Canada)

Darkroom1This is just a really brief, down-and-dirty entry about a group that broke onto the 80’s music scene with so much potential, but was essentially flash-in-the-pan short-lived. There isn’t a whole lot of information out there on them, but I’ve pulled together the essence of what I was able to unearth.

The band formed in Edmonton, Alberta Canada in the early 80’s and was made up of Jim Gray (vocals), Jeff Schmidt (bass), Tim Palmar (drums), Alan Marks (guitar), and Wolf Radke (guitar, keyboards). Before the band eventually broke up in 1989, they released two full-length LPs, San Paku and A Test of Time. Jim Gray also played a vampire in the mid-80’s TV series “The Little Vampire,” launching an acting career that would see him into the 90’s in front of the camera, then behind the scenes as a Hollywood set designer.

As far as I can tell, Darkroom albums are out of print. The only way to obtain these collections is to buy used vinyl and cassettes from private sellers. If you can get your hands on any of their music, go for it. In my humble opinion, “San Paku” is a really outstanding, dark, goth-like post-punk tune that will find its way inside your head and take a long time to leave.

 “San Paku” (audio only) via YouTube user Kaiserkraut2:

In Dim Light” (audio only) via YouTube user hippyandchicky:

Broken English” (audio only) via YouTube user hippyandchicky:

Here is one resource for purchasing Darkroom music.


Darkroom_aSan Paku (1983)



Darkroom_bA Test of Time (1985)