80’s Music Rules ~ More from Retrospect CFRC-FM ~ 02-01-11

Ed challenged us all to put our obscure thinking caps on tonight. Mine got a real workout as I scrambled to identify the unidentifiable. Even Googling the lyrics let me down. Thank goodness Ed graced us with detailed back-announcing, otherwise some of tonight’s tunes would still be languishing in the alternate universe cut-out bin.

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CFRC-FM Playlist February 1, 2011

Basement of Carruthers Hall in Queens University, Kingston, Ontario

ED-FM ~ Retrospect
80’s Music That Doesn’t Suck
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New Regime – I Won’t Let You Go
Hush – Now Reality
Short Wave Mystery – Pilots
Room 9 – Angels Sing
B-52s – Planet Claire
Extras – Hip Hop Hip Hip
Sex Pistols – Bodies
Xmal Deutschland – Mondlicht
A Split Second – Cold War In The Brainbox
It’s Immaterial – Ed’s Funky Diner
Gang Of Four – He’d Send In The Army
Neo A-4 – Say This To Me (12 inch)
Yello – Call It Love (12 inch)
Viva B – Man From China
BB Gabor – Metropolitan Life
Blue Fantasy – Evil Places
Databank A – Etiquette of Travel
Rational Youth – Bang On (12 inch)
Martha & The Muffins – Paint By Number Heart
XTC – Generals & Majors
Neon Judgement – I Wish I Could

80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ Hunters & Collectors

Hunters & Collectors formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1981. The starting members were John Archer (bass), Geoff Crosby (keyboards), Doug Falconer (drums), Robert Miles (live sound, art director), Greg Perano (percussion), Mark Seymour (guitar, vocals) and Ray Tosti-Gueira (guitar, vocals). Originally Hunters & Collectors were considered to be a part of the Krautrock genre and featured strong percussion accompanied by prominent guitar and driving bass. Over time, Hunters & Collectors added a horn section, consisting of Nigel Crocker (trombone), Jack Howard (trumpet), Andy Lynn (trumpet), Chris Malherbe (trumpet), Jeremy Smith (French horn) and Michael Waters (trombone).

When Hunters & Collectors were first signed to Mushroom Records in 1982, apparently the record company had a bit of a dilemma classifying their music. So, to accommodate this eclectic group, Mushroom formed an “alternative” label called “White Label.” Their first release was World of Stone, a three-track EP in January 1982, followed by a self-titled debut LP, Hunters & Collectors. Their first single release, “Talking To A Stranger,” has been featured on David Marsden’s show. It has a curious, catchy rhythm/bass component that perked my ears up the first time I heard it. It had a very well-done video to accompany its promotion, but the single never made it into the Top 50.

As with so many gifted 80’s bands, Hunters & Collectors experienced trials and tribulations with personnel and management. They continued to release music, but couldn’t seem to get any traction. The band finally achieved hard-won Australian success in 1986 with the release of LP Human Frailty. This LP managed to make it into the Top 10, sparking some interest from US-based IRS Records. The release in the states brought the band here to tour twice.

The next couple of album releases did modestly well, keeping the band alive, performing, and recording. Further personnel changes continued to plague them as they sought the all-elusive momentum of success they once fleetingly enjoyed in the US. It wasn’t for lack of trying; Hunters & Collectors worked hard at producing solid music through the 90s, finally calling it quits in 1998.

If it wasn’t for hearing this group on shows like David Marsden’s Marsbar Theatre and Ed-FM’s Retrospect, I never would have had the pleasure of learning more about them. I hope you’ll take the time to check out their music and ultimately find something that you will enjoy, too.

Official Hunters & Collectors MySpace page.

Purchase Hunters & Collectors music here.

“Talking To A Stranger” via YouTube user hazermi: 

“Say Goodbye” via YouTube user nzoz1986:

“When The River Runs Dry” via YouTube User nzoz1986:

“Throw Your Arms Around Me” via YouTube user tyronnem:

“Turn A Blind Eye” via YouTube user nzoz1989:

Studio albums

Hunters and Collectors (1982)
The Fireman’s Curse (1983)
Jaws of Life (1984)
Human Frailty (1986)
What’s a Few Men? (1987)
Fate (1988)
Ghost Nation (1989)
Cut (1992)
Demon Flower (1994)
Juggernaut (1998)

80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ The Bolshoi

My motto is, “Never enough Goth.” Continuing from last week’s Clan of Xymox post comes another 80s Goth/post-punk band, The Bolshoi.

Short-lived, but definitely memorable, The Bolshoi formed in Bath, UK in 1984. The original founding members were Trevor Tanner (vocals, guitar), Jan Kalicki (drums), and Nick Chown (bass). Their music was basically eclectic in nature, but definitely leaned toward Goth. The moody, pensive vocals and accompanying music were reminiscent of Bauhaus.

In 1985, the band relocated to London and added Paul Clark on keyboards. A couple of albums, and a switch to a more mainstream sound brought the band a broader touring schedule. But problems with the label found the band with a completed album that was never released. That signaled the end of The Bolshoi; gone from the 80’s music scene way too fast, but leaving some fabulous music behind.

If you listen to nothing else, be sure to check out “A Way.” It’s sure to tickle the Goth fancy of any serious 80s music fan.

Purchase The Bolshoi music here.

The Bolshoi official website.

“A Way” via YouTube user photosensitivity:

“A Way – extended mix” via YouTube user billpaxxton:

“Happy Boy” via YouTube user AngryJezebel:

“By the River” via YouTube user a1jungle:

“Sunday Morning” via YouTube user mtatini:


Giants (1985)
Friends (1986)
Lindy’s Party (1987)
Country Life (1988, unreleased)

80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ Clan of Xymox/ Xymox

Clan of Xymox started in Amsterdam the Netherlands in 1981. They have been referred to as the “founding fathers of goth,” which describes the genre of music they are most noted for, and what endears me to them every time I hear their music. Original members were Ronny Moorings, Pieter Nooten, Frank Weyzig, and Anke Wolbert.

After making their mark in the music world with a mini-album called Subsequent Pleasures in 1984, Clan of Xymox subsequently released their eponymous debut album in 1985. Shortening their name to just Xymox in 1987, their sophomore effort Medusa came next. Going forward, the band’s sound began to move away from goth and lean more toward electro-pop.

The band gained a cult following in the US with a 12″ single called “Blind Hearts,” also a college and club hit. The band released a couple more albums, moved to England, and released their fourth album Phoenix. They also lost members Wolbert and Nooten.

Xymox went through more personnel changes, eventually reverted back to the name Clan of Xymox, and continued to record and release albums for various labels through 2009.

Check out the Clan of Xymox webpage.

Purchase Clan of Xymox/Xymox music here.

Clan of Xymox MySpace page.

“Blind Hearts” via YouTube user rlopezf88:

“Obsession” via YouTube user VisionMusicPoland:

“Imagination” via YouTube user The TwiceAMan:

“No Human Can Drown” via YouTube user rlopezf86:

“Louise” via YouTube user electromarek:

80s-90s Discography:

Clan of Xymox (1985)
Medusa (1986)
Twist of Shadows (1989)
Phoenix (1991)
Metamorphosis (1992)
Headclouds (1993)
Hidden Faces (1997)

80’s Music Rules ~ Music and People I’m Thankful For

Times are tough – there’s no doubt of that. Each day we worry about losing our jobs, our homes, our prized possessions. But, amidst all the darkness, there’s a thread that keeps all of us going, giving us the will to survive, the strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other. And although today is the day in the United States that we choose to reflect on everything we are thankful for, let it be known that I am truly grateful for all the people and things that enrich my life, each and every day.

Topping my list is my husband, who unfairly struggles each and every day with a pernicious and little-known illness. He starts each day anew with a fresh outlook and the determination to not let his sickness overcome him. He is my inspiration, and helps to put my relatively minor and trivial complaints into perspective. He is also the one who continues to stand beside me, taking my idosyncrasies in stride, never judging me, and allowing me to be who I am.

Brian Eno/John Cale’s “Spinning Away” via YouTube user mimosaku:

The rest of my “list” is in no particular order, all of equal importance.

Gary Numan – there isn’t much more that I can say  that I haven’t already said in previous posts. His music helps me to face the darkest hurts that life throws my way. He has been able to articulate his pain and disappointment in a way that touches my soul. That someone who has ridden the highest highs and lowest lows that life put in his path, and came out of it with a song on his lips to fight back the anger is truly amazing. How many people use having a “bad life” to explain away being low-life losers? I admire the ones who come out on the other side stronger, better people.

Gary Numan’s “Angel Wars” via YouTube user webbfoxx:

David Marsden – here’s a man who has brought underrated artists to hungry listeners his entire 50-year broadcasting career. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that listeners are exposed to talent that the stuffed shirts in boardrooms deemed trifling and unworthy. Starting out in Canada, and now broadcasting the world over, he remains the champion of the musical underdog, and the master of free-form broadcasting. His friendship, humor, and music playlists have been both uplifting and inspiring.

A Tribute To David Marsden – Spoons/ “Radio Heaven” via YouTube user missparker0106:

Friends and family – you know who you are. I’ve either known you for my entire life, or you’ve just recently become a friend because of the blog, the Marsden chatroom, FaceBook, a shared love for Gary Numan or 80s New Wave, or YouTube. It doesn’t matter. I’m grateful for all of you because in your own special way you make my life more meaningful. I’ve had one special friend for over 4 decades, and so many others that have enriched my life over the past few years. My family has been with me my entire life, each member playing an important role in making me who I am. You are all scattered throughout the US, Canada, Europe, the Philippines, and even Australia. But, I hold each and every one of you close in my heart, cherished and loved for the riches you give me each and every day.

May you all be blessed eternally ~ and I remain ever thankful for all of you.

Gary Numan’s “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” via YouTube user dashproductions: 

80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ Bobbi Style

If we meet even one extraordinary person in our lifetime, we can consider ourselves fortunate. With the advent of the Internet and an ever-widening circle of international acquaintances, I have had the good fortune to meet several such people. The latest person to enrich my life is a gifted and outstanding musician named Bobbi Style.

I’ve only “known” Bobbi for a short time, recently making his acquaintance on FaceBook. But everything I have read about him and listened to by him since then points to an immensely interesting person whose story I feel compelled to share.

Along with New Wave and synthpop, my favorite 80’s music genre is Goth. Peter Murphy, Love & Rockets, and The Damned are a few 80’s Goth artists that rapidly come to mind. Imagine my delight when I was directed to a Bobbi Style 80’s-era music video on YouTube and discovered that his favored performance genre is….Goth! After sitting with my mouth hanging open in shock wondering where the heck I was when this dynamo was out conquering the world, I fell in love.

Bobbi Style was born with cerebral palsy, leaving him wheelchair-bound. He never let this disability get the better of him. Instead, he overcame the obvious obstacles – not only the physical, but the inherently prejudicial public reactions to a disabled Goth-band frontman. He achieved this with grace and dignity, and in his native UK, Bobbi became quite the cult figure with a large, hard-core group of fans.

In an interview with NX Live Magazine, Bobbi recalls that he first got into music around age 5 as a drummer, then guitarist and bassist. In his early teens, and when his disability would not allow him to maneuver around a drum kit any longer, he found himself as a singer for the school band, calling upon such influences as Gary Numan, Japan, Generation X, and Siouxsie & The Banshees for inspiration. Sounds like an absolutely winning combination to me.

In addition to the above-mentioned, Bobbi also cites the following as influential presences: Sisters of Mercy, The Cult, and The Mission. The very best of each can be seen in Style’s 80’s clips on YouTube (see below) that tease us with just a sampling of what this incredible man can do.

Speaking of a “can do” attitude, Bobbi Style has never taken his disability and limitations for what they are, and just cut his losses. This is a man who decided at an early age that he was going to rise above what others felt was a disadvantage, and make the most of his life. Content in his own skin, and with a history of successes and triumphs behind him, Bobbi Style now focuses that endless supply of energy on helping other musicians with disabilities.

Style, a native of the UK, now lives in British Columbia, Canada, and is very active within a group known as VAMS (Vancouver Adapted Musician Society) founded in the late 1980s to support and promote musicians with physical disabilities in the Metro Vancouver area. Style donates his time, talent, and proceeds from recording, promotions, and sales to help his fellow musicians. He is also launching a charity called “Bob Friendly” that will raise money to construct disabled-friendly studios around the world.

If you think you’re having a bad day, check out some of the following links and get to know a man that has not let what life has thrown at him get him down. Bobbi Style is more than just a gifted 80’s Goth artist – he is an inspiration to many, a militant advocate for disabled people of all stripes, and a wickedly funny man. My life has been greatly enriched by our chance meeting (thanks to Eighties Everafter) on FaceBook.

Bobbi has re-released “Lady Feline” on iTunes. Check it out here.

Note: Be on the look-out for a re-release of “Embrace Me” – that’s a personal favorite of mine.

Links to Bobbi Style:


Watch Bobbi Style on YouTube:

“Embrace Me (Official Video)” via YouTube user Bobbi Style:

“Embrace Me (Live)” via YouTube user Bobbi Style:

“Like A Bullet” via YouTube user Bobbi Style:

“Lady Feline” via YouTube user Bobbi Style:

“Just Like Valentino” via YouTube user Bobbi Style:

80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ Gary Numan’s North American Tour Continues

Copyright 2010 missparker
Copyright 2010 missparker

It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly two weeks since I met Gary Numan in Orlando, the first stop on his North American Pleasure Principle tour. I am still so jazzed about meeting my music idol and experiencing a show that was nothing short of brilliant excellence, that I have been filling my days plugged into my iPod and methodically going through every Numan MP3 that I have.

I have also been reading other fan reports as they have rolled in. I have not found a disappointed comment in the lot, not counting the show that Numan was forced to cancel at the beginning of the tour. After rocking the house at Firestone LIVE! (Club Firestone) in Orlando, Gary promptly lost his voice. He postponed and then finally ended up canceling the second stop on the North American Tour in Atlanta. I can only imagine how crushed those fans must have felt, and Gary felt even worse. He sent out an email apologizing profusely and remarking that this is the first time he’d had to cancel an appearance due to health issues in over 31years of touring.

Since then, rave reviews abound as Gary Numan and his accompanying band gain momentum throughout North America.

From Review online, reporting about the show from the Trocadero in Philadelphia:

Make no mistake; Gary Numan can still bring to life an era that captured his true signature sound. Adding the live performance recently at the Trocadero in Philadelphia during his mini Tour of America proves that Gary Numan is still an amazing entertainer after all these years. Any one who attended the show would agree…hands down.

They trekked up the east coast playing Washington DC, Philly, Boston, New York, then wound their way over the border into Canada. Their one date in Toronto was sold-out sublime, with all fans raising their voices in unison to sing Numan’s praises. An exciting twist to the Toronto show was an assist by home-grown artist Nash the Slash who originally played electric violin on several of Numan’s early creations, including “The Joy Circuit.” This time, they collaborated on “Complex” which had the crowd absolutely transfixed. The talent on that one stage must have been truly overwhelming.


Here is Gary Numan’s tour schedule, past, present, and beyond:

10/17 – Orlando, FL @ The Firestone LIVE!
10/18 – Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
10/20 – Washington, DC @ Black Cat
10/21 – Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
10/22 – Boston, MA @ Paradise
10/23 – New York, NY @ Nokia Theatre
10/24 – Toronto, ON @ Opera House
10/25 – Detroit, MI @ Majestic Theater
10/26 – Chicago, IL @ Metro
10/28 – Denver, CO @ Gothic Theatre
10/31 – Seattle, WA @ Neumos
11/01 – Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre
11/02 – San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
11/03 – Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre
11/04 – Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre

Watch out West Coast – Gary Numan (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Ade Fenton (keyboards), David Brooks (keyboards), Richard Beasley (drums), Steve Harris (guitar) and Tim Muddiman (bass) are on their way to knock you out and take you prisoner with the best concert you can possibly imagine attending. I can confidently guarantee that the West Coast in particular, and the whole of North America in general, will never be the same once this unparalleled British invasion sweeps through. Already, I simply cannot wait for Gary Numan to return to these shores to capture our hearts and souls once again.

Gary Numan’s official website.

Gary Numan’s official MySpace page.

Purchase Gary Numan merchandise here.

M.E.” in Orlando via YouTube user xXamnesiac81Xx:

Airlane” in Orlando via YouTube user xXamnesiac81Xx:

Complex” with Nash The Slash in Toronto via YouTube user mdent23:

Haunted” in Toronto via YouTube user MsMadbutler:

80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ Gary Numan Live 10-17-2010

Graphic styled by Kristin Harris

One of the biggest events in my life took place on Sunday, October 17, 2010. I wanted to write about it immediately after, but decided to wait a few days for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to let the warm, joyous feelings from that day wash over me, and be replayed over and over in my mind, savoring every moment, nuance, note, gesture, sight, touch, taste, sound… And second, I wanted to try to separate the rabid fan in me from the music critic, in hopes of writing a purely objective review. It’ll be close.

The Arrival
My husband and I arrived in Orlando around 2:30 pm following a long drive. Gary Numan was playing the Club Firestone that evening, but we had been informed to queue up for the meet and greet no later than 4:15. After figuring out the parking situation, and having a picnic in the vehicle, we walked to the back of the venue and asked the people setting up the show if we were in the right place. Everyone we spoke to related to the venue and the show could not have been more helpful throughout the entire event. Hubby has a rare medical condition, and necessities for his comfort were cheerfully attended to.

The Sound Check
Around 4 pm, one of Gary’s staff came around to check ID for the meet and greet, and to provide us with further instructions. A short time later, all of the VIP ticket holders were ushered into the building and directed to sit on the two stairs that separated the levels of the half-moon shaped venue. Up on the stage, amidst equipment that was being set up and tested, was Gary Numan and his band: Ade Fenton (keyboards), David Brooks (keyboards), Richard Beasley (drums), Steve Harris (guitar) and Tim Muddiman (bass).

For the next two and a half hours, we were treated to the awe-inspiring spectacle of a master form his craft in front of our eyes. In a word, it was mesmerizing. We even heard snippets of songs that were about to be played in their entirety in the near future. Talk about an adrenaline rush! Gary and Co. were absorbed by what they were doing, but at one point when I led a cheer following a partial song, Gary looked up and flashed us one of his polar icecap-melting grins. It was as if to say, “You finally woke up!”

The Meet and Greet
We were called up by name to talk to Gary Numan and have a picture (or two) taken. The man is incredibly gracious, friendly, and has the priceless ability to make whomever he is talking to feel like they’ve known him forever. I really worried that I would be so gobsmacked that I would be speechless. But, I felt so at ease, we actually had a brief conversation about immigration, Florida, and what his music has meant to me. Looking back at the photos my husband dutifully shot during our exchange, Gary looked so animated and connected, giving the impression of a meeting between old friends.

The Show
Gary Numan doesn’t just use synthesizers as an accompaniment – the synthesizers are used to orchestrate the very core of the music. It takes a huge amount of skill to use synthesizers as the foundation of song after song without sounding cheesy. Numan is an absolute master in drawing out the very heart and soul of a song by giving a heartbeat and breath to electronics. He also ensures that his light show is up to par with the music. It was breathtaking to behold, especially considering he packs the whole kit ‘n kaboodle along with him as he travels.

Numan was true to the sound of the original Pleasure Principal selections. The reason behind his reach for absolute perfection during the sound check was apparent throughout the performance. During the past week, I have listened to live recordings of The Pleasure Principal tracks performed in the early 80’s. Aside from Numan’s voice being slightly throatier, Sunday night’s music was nearly identical, giving it an authentic, rich feel.

The love and energy flowing between the crowd and Gary Numan was actually palpable. As the show wore on, Gary became more animated and energized. It was like watching batteries recharge. Numan interacted with the audience, becoming one with his fans, drawing them up into his magical sphere.

As he skillfully moved through the set, the instruments changed along with the music. Midway through the set, Numan’s keyboard was removed and replaced by his guitar. The wired mic was replaced with wireless when Numan sang sans instrument. He was poetry in motion, bringing us up to date in time with his later genre of Gothic/Industrial, mining for the deepest emotions, pouring his heart out and laying it bare for the audience to envelope.

The Encore
When Numan and co. exited the stage following an exhausting, satisfying set, the crowd refused to let up their applause and adulation. Gary and the band returned for another three songs, including “Are ‘Friends’ Electric.” The show defies adequate description. Those that paid the ridiculously reasonable general admission rate of $25.00, certainly got so much more than their money’s worth. Those of us that paid the VIP rate also received well over our tickets’ face value.

I had high expectations for this, in my case, once in a lifetime event. I could not have been happier with the results. The music critic in me was satisfied with a professional and energetically performed show. The rabid fan in me is eternally grateful for my best concert experience ever, hosted by a most gracious and unassuming artist. Thank you Gary Numan for October 17, 2010. It is a day I’ll happily relive in detail for the rest of my days.

Purchase Gary Numan music and merchandise here.  

Visit Gary Numan’s official website.  

“Films” via YouTube user GaryNumanOfficial:

“Haunted” via YouTube user GaryNumanOfficial:

“Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” via YouTube user GaryNumanOfficial:

“Replicas” montage via YouTube user knightvision1228:

“Pure” via YouTube user deadliner:

The Pleasure Principle Live Tour play list:

The Fall
Down In The Park
Are ‘Friends’ Electric?
We Are So Fragile
A Prayer For The Unborn

80’s Music Rules ~ More from Retrospect CFRC-FM ~ 07-27-10

Something for everyone tonight. The songs ran the gamut of New Wave to post-punk to pure punk. And even if you’d heard it before, perhaps Ed dished up a mix that was a bit on the obscure side. It’s always a treat to hear a favorite in a whole new arrangement.

Be sure to tune in to Ed and his “a good DJ is like a master chef” 80’s Retrospect show on CFRC-FM from 8 pm until 10 pm on Tuesday nights. Ed takes requests by phone: (613) 533-CFRC (2372) or email: retrospectcfrc at yahoo dot ca. Indulge yourself in some “80’s Music that doesn’t suck.” I guarantee die-hard 80’s New Wave/Post-punk fans will not be disappointed.

CFRC-FM Playlist July 27, 2010

Basement of Carruthers Hall in Queens University, Kingston, Ontario
ED-FM ~ Retrospect
80’s Music That Doesn’t Suck
If the “Listen Live” link on the CFRC Website doesn’t work, copy and paste this URL into your Windows Media Player: http://sunsite.queensu.ca:8000/
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Payola$ – Rose
Alarm – Rain In The Summertime (12 inch thunder mix)
Yello – Vicious Games (extended)
Play Dead – Conspiracy (Saigon mix)
Vis-à-Vis – I Am The Night (Colour Me Black)
Moev – Wanting (12 inch)
Sex Gang Children – Beasts
New Order – Everything’s Gone Green (12 inch)
Boulevard Noir – Images Of Concrete Toys
Spoons – Nova Heart (7 inch single)
Peter Murphy – Blue Heart (12 inch)
Hawaiian Pups – Ode To Young Boys
Thought – Rapture
Rough Trade – What’s The Furor About The Fuhrer?
Ministry – Nature of Love
Transition Vamp – Tell That Girl To Shut Up
Indochine – Trois Nuits Par Semaine
Extras – Fever Fire
Martha & The Muffins – Swimming

80’s Music Rules ~ More from Retrospect CFRC-FM ~ 07-20-10

It has been a long, cruel summer without Ed-FM and Retrospect. We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that Ed has returned (and I was really worried he’d run away for good!) from a well-deserved break. Let me tell you, it was worth the wait. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the list below and tell me that wasn’t worth waiting for! Thank you Ed for the obscure fix our ears have been craving.

Be sure to tune in to Ed and his “you only *think* you know obscure” 80’s Retrospect show on CFRC-FM from 8 pm until 10 pm on Tuesday nights. Ed takes requests by phone: (613) 533-CFRC (2372) or email: retrospectcfrc at yahoo dot ca. Indulge yourself in some “80’s Music that doesn’t suck.” I guarantee die-hard 80’s New Wave/Post-punk fans will not be disappointed.

CFRC-FM Playlist July 20, 2010

Basement of Carruthers Hall in Queens University, Kingston, Ontario

ED-FM ~ Retrospect

80’s Music That Doesn’t Suck

If the “Listen Live” link on the CFRC Website doesn’t work, copy and paste this URL into your Windows Media Player: http://sunsite.queensu.ca:8000/

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To listen to any shows that you may have missed, go to the CFRC website and look up the archives under the “Programming” drop-down menu. You can enjoy Ed’s previous shows in one-hour increments.

Kraftwerk – Tour De France
Henry Badowski – My Face
Box – Dancing On The Grave
Gary Numan – Jo The Waiter
Wang Chung – Wait (extended mix)
New Order – Cries & Whispers (12 inch)
Boys Brigade – Saigon
Spoons – Red Light
Classix Nouveau – Manitou (12 inch)
English Beat – Mirror In The Bathroom (dub mix)
Positive Noise – Ghosts (12 inch)
Two People – Mouth Of An Angel
Visage – Love Glove (extended)
Breeding Ground – Winter Garden
Indians In Moscow – The Price Of Love
Sisters Of Mercy – Alice (12 inch)
Voice – Lime
Men Without Hats – Antarctica
Yello – Dr. Van Steiner
Squeeze – Slap & Tickle
Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Love Missile F1-11
Rational Youth – Sister In The Navy