Marsbar Playlist ~ 2-11-2012

February 11, 2012

David Marsden on the Rock.FM every Saturday and Sunday night from 7 p.m. until midnight. Streaming live via the Internet.

Killer show from the master of free-form broadcasting. This is the list from 7 pm until 10 pm. If anyone can help out with the balance of the playlist from 10pm until midnight, I would really appreciate it.

69 Eyes – Betty Blue
Blue Peter – Don’t Walk Past
Boo Radleys – Lazarus
Boomtown Rats – Dave
Braids – Bohemian Rhapsody
Chameleons – Swamp Thing
Comsat Angels – You Move Me
Cottage Industry – Point On The Hill
Cowboy Junkies – Run For Your Life
DJ Champion – No Heaven
Faithless/Annie Lennox – Insomnia/Sweet Dreams (Mash-up)
Freedom Or Death – Inside
Garland Jeffries – 96 Tears
Harrison Fjord – Docking With Jesus
Heaven 17 – Let Me Go
HIM – Right Here In My Arms
INXS – Original Sin
Jags – Last Picture Show
M/A/R/R/S – Pump Up The Volume
Moev – Head Down
One Model Nation – Transmission
Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up
Powder Blues Band – Thirsty Ears
Rammstein – Du Hast
Romeo Void – Never Say Never
Simple Minds – Love Song
TBA – All Across The Nation
Tin Star Orphans – Men With Guns
Type O Negative – Cinnamon Girl
Violent Kin – The Honesty
Wombats – Let’s Dance To Joy Division
Yaz – Situation

For previous David Marsden lists starting from 2003, visit RalphD’s blog “Marsbar Theater.” Ralph is the creator and original caretaker of the lists.

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