Saying “Good Bye” to My Beloved Sistahmar

I never imagined that I would begin 2012 by writing a memorial for my dear friend Marilyn Hamilton from Kitchener Ontario. “Sistahmar,” as she is known to her multitude of Marsbar Theatre friends and fans, left this world on December 31, 2011 at 8:50 AM. The only word that even comes close to describing how it feels to lose this precious friend and soul sister is “devastated.”

I had the privilege of meeting Sistahmar nearly 4 years ago when I stumbled into the Marsbar Theatre Chatroom. After listening to David Marsden‘s free-form, “anything goes” broadcast (streaming live over the Internet from 94.9 The Rock) and hearing the tales he spun about the chatroom regulars, I decided to take a walk on the “dark side” and check it out for myself. Upon entering the room, I was warmly greeted by the Roving Ambassador herself, launching what was to be a close and ironclad friendship.

Over the years, we have laughed, cried, loved, gossiped, shared, planned and even plotted together via telephone and email. The minute we realized we both had the same birthday, the unbreakable bond was forged. Marilyn fondly referred to me as her “evil twin sister,” a badge I wear with fierce pride, while she will always be my “partner in crime.”

Although the news of Marilyn’s passing was much like being hit by a speeding train, I have managed to find some solace in the pain and sadness. I believe she has finally been reunited with her beloved husband Bob, who predeceased her about 8 years ago. She missed him sorely, and instead of her loss becoming easier as time went on, it actually became more difficult. I imagine the two of them walking arm-in-arm along the banks of the lake they enjoyed so much in years gone by, pausing for a moment to share a whisper, steal a kiss, and have a giggle or two. There they wait patiently until they are finally reunited for eternity with all of the friends they loved so much, and who loved them, in this lifetime.

For my dear friend and soul sister Marilyn Hamilton who slipped from this world and into eternity, leaving a hole the size of the universe in each of our hearts: May you finally rest in peace. The light you gave to my life and so many others will never be extinguished, the joy you brought will always be remembered. Thank you for a friendship that transcended distance. I will always love you.

Gary Numan – Are “Friends” Electric? Montage – via YouTube user Knightvision 1228:

24 thoughts on “Saying “Good Bye” to My Beloved Sistahmar

  1. “Chatroom” and “Regulars” are two words that stick out for me. We are all Far from “Regular” but a more accepting friendly cast of characters I have never met. I think that is what Marilyn’s leadership as moderator and host.brought us. Tearful goodbyes Sistah Mar!!


  2. That’s nice missP : )
    Mar certainly had a way to make you feel at home in a room full of strangers and make sure you knew you weren’t a stranger for long. A very big heart that will be missed.


  3. Miss Parker

    That was beautiful … Mar will be missed by many. A lot of us “Marsbars” would never have met if it wasn’t for the chatroom … Thankyou Mar …
    Sheila & Shuggy


  4. Very well written Miss Pawkah! I know Sistah is looking down upon you with a big grin upon her face n Bob at her side.

    She was an absolute charm to know. Always willing to reach out when others are down, offering a gentle comforting comment or the ever so subtle “dangly bits” comment at the wrong time that would catch u off guard and launch you into fits of laughter.

    RIP Sistahmar!


  5. Although I never got the chance to know Marilyn. My friend Blair Smith was very fond of her. Miss Parker’s tribute to her wonderful friend was amazing and truly inspirational. I am sure she would be so happy and so proud. It is obvious what she meant to you all. I am sorry for your loss.

    The candle burned bright but the candle burned brief
    Now you are gone and we are filled with grief
    Heaven is yours and we know you are there
    We think of you today as we bow our heads in prayer
    Taken from us and it seems so wrong
    But in our hearts your memory lives on
    You touched the hearts of all that you met
    Someone so special we will never forget
    Your work here on earth may be all done
    But your work up in heaven has just begun
    When we think of you we will smile so true
    Marilyn though dearly departed we love you


  6. Could not have put that any better, You captured her whole being and we will miss her.

    Cal and Trish


  7. Just so beautifully written and so very accurate on how the ‘two of you’ helped join so many of us, unique and special people together, so now we are all ‘friends’ in and out of the ‘chatroom’! ‘Thank you’ to you both! Grateful, very grateful! RIP Sistah Mar! xo


  8. All I can do is echo the beautiful and heartfeld words spoken by my friends above. Friends I would never have met had it not been for the warm and fuzzy feeling of the “chatroom”. Thank you Missparker for you wonderful tribute. RIP Sistah Mar XO


  9. I didn’t know Sistahmar very well at all — only a few chatroom interactions, all told — but I certainly found everything that’s been said about her to be true. She was welcoming, funny, warm and had real presence … even in virtual form. RIP SistahMar, and thanks for bringing our little community together. You will be missed!


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  11. I only met Sistahmar a few time through my Dad and fellow Mars Bar, Big Papa Jim. She seemed like a wonderful person and my Dad talked very highly of her. After my Dad shared this on his wall I gave it a read and it expresses very clearly the woman my Dad has described as his friend for many years. It brought a tear to my eye.
    She will be missed by many, Thank you for sharing.


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