Marsbar Playlist ~ 8-28-2011

August 28, 2011

David Marsden on the Rock.FM every Saturday and Sunday night from 7 p.m. until midnight.

It really was a special and moving show this evening. Hard to break away, but real life calls, people need to be tended to, Monday looms large, and bills need to be paid. JerusalemSlim is covering the last two hours for me…the balance of the list, thanks to him, will be posted tomorrow. Have a great week and see you next weekend in the Marsbar Theatre.

??? – Wake Me Up When It’s Over (Wake Me Up When You’re Gone)
Adam Cohen – Cry Ophelia
Al Green & Lyle Lovett – Funny How Time Slips Away
Band feat. Staples – The Weight
Big Supreme – Don’t Walk
Blackmore’s Night – I Still Remember
Boys Brigade – Into The Flow
Bryan Ferry – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Champion Heartache – This Opportunity
Cliks – Nobody Else Will
Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)
Darkroom – A Test Of Time
Dee Long – Dog Star
Dee Long – Good Night Universe
Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show – Sylvia’s Mother
Dr. Martin Luther King/ David Bowie – I Have A Dream/ Heroes
Elbow – The Fix
Elliott Murphy – Anastasia
Elliott Randall – Sour Flower
Fools – Psycho Chicken
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush – Norwegian Wood
Frank Zappa – Joe’s Garage
Freedom Or Death – Inside
Greg Kihn Band – Jeopardy
Imaginary City – Calm Before The Storm
Joe Cocker  – Darling Be Home Soon
Joel Plaskett Emergency – Rewind
Joss Stone – Stalemate
Kinks – Misfits
Leon Russell – This Masquerade
Leonard Cohen – Alexandra Leaving
Lewis Furey – The Sky Is Falling
Little Feat – Old Folks Boogie
Mavis Staples – Eyes On The Prize
Mick Ronson – Billy Porter
Moms Mabley – Abraham, Martin & John
Patti Smith – Dancing Barefoot
Phil Manzanera/801 – Listen Now
Pink Floyd – Welcome To The Machine
Procol Harum – Grand Hotel
Rammstein – StirB Nicht Vor Mir/Don’t Die Before I Do
Rheostatics – Who Is That Man & Why Is He Laughing?
Roderick Falconer – Mr. Radio
Roger Taylor – People On Streets
Roger Waters – Sunset Strip
Rough Trade – Shaking The Foundations
Roy Orbison – In Dreams
Sly & The Family Stone – Family Affair
Spoons – B Movie
Strange Advance – This Island Earth
Todd Rundgren – Can We Still Be Friends
Tom Robinson – Atmospherics (Listen To The Radio)
Willy DeVille – I Call Your Name
Wombats – Let’s Dance To Joy Division

For previous David Marsden lists starting from 2003, visit RalphD’s blog “Marsbar Theater.” Ralph is the creator and original caretaker of the lists.

3 thoughts on “Marsbar Playlist ~ 8-28-2011

  1. 11:08PM Stalemate Joss Stone
    11:03PM I Still Remember Blackmore’s Night
    10:59PM StirB Nicht Vor Mir/Don’t Die Before I Do Rammstein
    10:56PM In Dreams Roy Orbison
    10:49PM Welcome To The Machine Pink Floyd
    10:17PM Alexandra Leaving Leonard Cohen
    10:11PM Funny How Time Slips Away Al Green & Lyle Lovett
    10:07PM Eyes On The Prize Mavis Staples
    10:02PM The Weight Band featuring Mavis Staples

    Not included are Lavender Blue by Sammy Turner, I Call Your Name by Willie Deville and Mr. Radio by ????
    Most of these are from The Rock’s website. I will send you the rest tomorrow. Hope this helps.



  2. Hi Andrew – thanks for sending me what BDS had….JerusalemSlim was able to complete the list for me, as he usually can on Sunday nights. Any time you can send me the BDS list on a Saturday night, I would appreciate it. It’s by no means complete, but it puts us closer.

    Again, thanks, and all the best!


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