Marsbar Playlist ~ 8-20-2011

August 20, 2011

David Marsden on the Rock.FM every Saturday and Sunday night from 7 p.m. until midnight.

David premiered music from Violent Kin tonight. He also announced that he has a free download of one of their singles over at, so wander on over and grab a copy for your enjoyment. Meanwhile, here is the list until 10 pm. If anyone is willing to help out on Saturday nights with the list from 10 pm until midnight, please let me know.

Big Audio Dynamite – E=MC2
Blancmange – Blind Vision
Cake – Sheep Go To Heaven
Dandy Warhols – Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth
Econoline Crush – All That You Are
Elbow – Audience With The Pope
Endgames – First, Last For Everything
Farm – Very Emotional
Fiat Lux – Blue Emotion
Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy
Freedom Or Death – Inside
Fun Boy Three – The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum)
Gentleman Reg – We’re In A Thunderstorm
Images In Vogue – Rescue Me
Japan – Transmission
Mighty Lemon Drops – Out Of Hand
Moist – Silver
Motors – Airport
New Order – True Faith
Prodigy feat. Pop Will Eat Itself – Their Law
Rammstein – Los
Slave To The SQUAREwave – Sinners Of Saint Avenue
Spoons – B Movie
Teenage Head – Let’s Shake
Third World – Try Jah Love
Tin Star Orphans – Men With Guns
Velvet Underground – Rock ‘N’ Roll
Violent Kin  – The Honesty
Violent Kin – Under The Living Skies

For previous David Marsden lists starting from 2003, visit RalphD’s blog “Marsbar Theater.” Ralph is the creator and original caretaker of the lists.

4 thoughts on “Marsbar Playlist ~ 8-20-2011

  1. Hey (((((AudioFool))))))))

    I have that as
    Farm – Very Emotional

    If that’s not correct, please let me know – great to see you!


  2. Thanks S MP –

    i didn’t hear the lyrics so well the first time.
    I’ve got to track that down….. haven’t heard of farm before…. hope all is well in S FLA.


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