The Secret Life Of Numanoids ~ Part Two

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Mark Ryan

Part of a unique and vital core of longtime fans, Mark has been a Numanoid since Numan started performing – late 1978, to be exact.

When asked what drew him to Gary Numan in the first place, Mark replies, “He was just totally different to anything I had heard or have heard since.” He continues, “I have listened to him through various stages of my life, good and bad, high and low; every song that he has written, I can relate to.”

A difficult task for any Numanoid is to pin down what their favorite album is. This is what Mark had to say about when asked: “Far too many, but The Pleasure Principle (as it was different and unique), Dance (which is totally underrated and the songwriting is just great on here), and Pure (just far too good to describe in simple words).”

When asked for his favorite Numan songs, Mark explains, “I’ve recently been asked to pick my top 25 favourite Numan songs, but how can you start? However, I do love “Stories” (which I first heard on Numan’s 1980 tour), “Films” (which is like drum and bass before it got popular), and “Please Push No More,” a great song done live at Wembley in 1981 – it was awesome and emotional.”

In describing what excites him most about Numan, Mark declares, “When I hear that a new artist is influenced by Gary, his legacy lives on.” Mark goes on to say that he expresses his love for Gary Numan by “playing his music, and talking and discussing Gary’s music and what it has meant to myself.”

In closing, Mark is happy to report, “Recently, I played Jagged for a couple of work people who are into rock. They now tell me that they are Numan fans.”


“Stories” via YouTube user GaryNumanAlbums:

5 thoughts on “The Secret Life Of Numanoids ~ Part Two

  1. Hi MissP! Long time no see! I’ve been writing about this English band from the 80’s named Felt and they made me think of you. If you haven’t heard them before, let me know and I’ll hook you up with some links. Think Echo and The Bunnymen/The Cure meet jangle rock. Really interesting stuff and I was stunned I’d never heard them before. Hope you’re well and loved reading your Gary Numan series just now!


  2. I *LOVE* Felt feat. Liz Fraser’s “Primitive Painters.” Have adored that song since “discovering” it about 6 years ago….one of the reasons I write about obscure 80’s music – because I couldn’t believe I missed such a powerful song the first time around. I wrote about them last September… to the article here:

    Great to see you again ((((((((Joey))))))))) xo


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