80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ Lords Of The New Church

The Lords of the New Church formed in 1982, featuring legendary punk artists Stiv Bators (The Dead Boys) and Brian James (The Damned), along with Dave Tregunna (Sham 69) and Nicky Turner (The Barracudas). Wearing their punk roots proudly, they produced some of the edgier 80s tuneage, helping to balance out what could have been too much of a New Wave good thing. Their hard-to-classify music has been described as “darker and more melodic than traditional punk.”

Early on, the band found success with a single called “Open Your Eyes,” which charted in Canada’s Top 40. Another single, a parody cover version of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,” was a less successful 1985 release, but is the band’s best known single to date. Because of how much I detest anything Madonna, if you want to hear that one, you’re on your own to find it.

Stiv Bators was notorious for his no-holds- barred onstage antics. During one such performance, Bators accidentally succeeded in hanging himself, declared clinically dead for several minutes. He managed to somehow fortunately make a full recovery, and the band went on to record two more albums.

In total, the band recorded three studio albums and one live album in their relatively brief 7-year career before ending with a flourish 1989. At a live performance, Bators fired the other group members onstage after an encore. The following year, Stiv Bators died tragically after being struck by a car in Paris.

Lords of the New Church reformed in 2003 with original members James and Tregunna, joined by frontman/vocalist Adam Becvare. They continue to tour and perform to this day, which is good news for people that missed them the first time around. Meanwhile, be sure to sample some of their original music which was an important and underrated part of history’s best musical decade.

Update: Mike Adamany from the group Lustkillers sent this information:

Adam Becvare continues to work with The Lords of the New Church when not fronting his own band The LustKillers.
Listen & View at:


Check them out!

Purchase Lords Of The New Church music here.

“Dance With Me” via YouTube user emimusic:

“Russian Roulette” via YouTube user ammutbite:

“Holy War” via YouTube user sevenmaiden7:

“Open Your Eyes” via YouTube user emimusic:


The Lords of the New Church (1982)
Is Nothing Sacred? (1983)
The Method to Our Madness (1984)
Psycho Sex (EP) (1987)
Hang On (2003)


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  2. Thanks, Mike. I had seen this information on Wiki, but wasn’t sure it was still valid. I’ll add this info to the post, as well.

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