80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ Clan of Xymox/ Xymox

Clan of Xymox started in Amsterdam the Netherlands in 1981. They have been referred to as the “founding fathers of goth,” which describes the genre of music they are most noted for, and what endears me to them every time I hear their music. Original members were Ronny Moorings, Pieter Nooten, Frank Weyzig, and Anke Wolbert.

After making their mark in the music world with a mini-album called Subsequent Pleasures in 1984, Clan of Xymox subsequently released their eponymous debut album in 1985. Shortening their name to just Xymox in 1987, their sophomore effort Medusa came next. Going forward, the band’s sound began to move away from goth and lean more toward electro-pop.

The band gained a cult following in the US with a 12″ single called “Blind Hearts,” also a college and club hit. The band released a couple more albums, moved to England, and released their fourth album Phoenix. They also lost members Wolbert and Nooten.

Xymox went through more personnel changes, eventually reverted back to the name Clan of Xymox, and continued to record and release albums for various labels through 2009.

Check out the Clan of Xymox webpage.

Purchase Clan of Xymox/Xymox music here.

Clan of Xymox MySpace page.

“Blind Hearts” via YouTube user rlopezf88:

“Obsession” via YouTube user VisionMusicPoland:

“Imagination” via YouTube user The TwiceAMan:

“No Human Can Drown” via YouTube user rlopezf86:

“Louise” via YouTube user electromarek:

80s-90s Discography:

Clan of Xymox (1985)
Medusa (1986)
Twist of Shadows (1989)
Phoenix (1991)
Metamorphosis (1992)
Headclouds (1993)
Hidden Faces (1997)


2 thoughts on “80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ Clan of Xymox/ Xymox

  1. Nice post Missy, BTW, Blind Hearts was released in 1987 on a 12″ single not in 1991.

    Keep up the great blog




  2. Thank you (((((Ed)))))) – that’s what I get for believing Wiki. LOL – Will make the edit.

    Hugs, MissP xo


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