80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ The Twins (Germany)

The Twins….the 80s….must be “Thompson Twins,” right? Wrong! Thanks to my Canadian friend Chris and his FaceBook-featured The Betamax Video Vault, I was introduced to a German 80s band I had no inkling even existed.

The spare information I found on them (and that I had to translate from German) includes that The Twins were formed in West Berlin by Dohrow Sven and Ronnie Schreinzer. The German Wiki article goes on to say that they oriented themselves stylistically to Gary Numan (as if!) among others.

Although their extensive use of synth-pop definitely orients them to many synthesizer-based groups of that era, that’s where the so-called “Numan orientation” ends. Gary Numan uses his synthesizers as an integral part of his music, whereas The Twins use it for typical synth-pop aural ear candy. Nothing wrong with that; but, it’s like saying that I am in the same league as Mario Andrettti because we both drive a car.

That said, it’s best to just let The Twins music speak for itself. There are quite a few videos on YouTube which tells me they were very popular in Germany, and possibly all of Europe. I have a feeling that wasn’t the case here across the Atlantic. They do deserve to be heard, however, as their sound is truly classic 80s synth-pop. Enjoy!

Purchase The Twins music here.

More information on The Twins on their official website.

“Ballet Dancer” via YouTube user merlotje:

“Love System” via YouTube user TheTwinsTribute:

“Face To Face, Heart To Heart” via YouTube user hersounds:

“Desert Place” via YouTube user The TwinsTribute:

“Time Will Tell” via YouTube user duttaji:

“Tonight” via YouTube user nicosbod:

The Twins 80s Discography

Passion Factory (1981)
Modern Lifestyle (1982)
A Wild Romance (1983)
Until the End of Time (1984)
Hold on to Your Dreams (1986)

4 thoughts on “80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ The Twins (Germany)

  1. This band was one of my favorite. Love system is soo 80’s, it has a special sound print, I can effectively taste it.


  2. have a listen to their first album, Passion Factory – it has that Numan imprint all over it: music, lyric themes, even vocals. Gary was their favourite artist back in the day. so they are definitely of Numan’s ilk, only they went more commercial with subsequent albums. but don’t write them off, they are one of a few so blatantly Numan-inflenced Eurosynth-bands.


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