80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ Peter Schilling

There’s amazingly little information about this gifted and highly versatile artist. Peter Schilling is a synthpop musician from Stuttgart, Germany. His songs tended to feature extraterrestrial and science-fiction themes.

When many 80’s New Wave artists were trying to emulate the wildly popular David Bowie, Schilling actually took one of Bowie’s most well-known characters and crafted an international hit, “Major Tom (Coming Home).” He originally recorded the song in German, but when he rerecorded it in English, it soared in the charts throughout the world. This ethereal and timeless song still thrills first-time listeners as they discover it on YouTube, or hear one of the more successful covers rendered by a group called Shiny Toy Gun.

After releasing several albums over the next few years, some recorded in both German and then again in English, Schilling decided to take a break from entertainment. He returned in the late 90’s with a short-lived side project called “Space Pilots.” then struck back out on his own. Schilling remains a popular act in Europe and continues to record and release music to this day.

Peter Schilling official website.

Purchase Peter Schilling music here.

“The Different Story” via YouTube user tsoyki1:

“Ich Vermisse Dich” via YouTube user PrettyBlueFairy:

“Major Tom (Coming Home)” via YouTube user xgirlonthewallx:

“Where You Are I Am” via YouTube user TerminalShockRecords:

Early Discography

Fehler Im System (1982)
Error in the System (1984)
120 Grad (1984)
Things to Come (1985)
The Different Story (1989)
Geheime Macht (1993)
Major Tom (1996)

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