Marsbar Playlist ~ 9-11-2010

September 11, 2010

David Marsden on the Rock.FM every Saturday and Sunday night from 7 p.m. until midnight.

Tonight was an emotional night, following on the heels of an emotion-packed day. David put on an exceptional show, paying tribute to both a colleague who put on his wings this week, Craig M. Smith, and all of the victims of September 11, 2001. That was a very tall order to fill, but David did it very well, and with care and concern.

Be sure to join us tomorrow (Sunday) night from 7 pm until midnight.

~ MissParker ~

Aaron Neville – Respect Yourself
Alice In Videoland – Going Down
Arcade Fire – Ready To Start
Aswad – Don’t Turn Around
Autograph – Dance All Night
Beautiful South  – Old Red Eyes Is Back
Brendan Canning – Love Is New
Brian Eno & John Cale – Spinning Away
Carole Pope – Love Strikes Hard
Clockwise – Surrender
Cure – Pictures Of You
Danny Marks – Any Other Way
Depeche Mode – Master & Servant
Depeche Mode – Set Me Free (Remotivate Me)
Don’t Tell Betsy – The Undead
Elvis Costello – Lip Service
Frank Zappa – Cheap Thrills
Gentleman Reg – When Heroes Change Professions
Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends
Happy Mondays – Hallelujah
Harlem Choir – Imagine
Iggy Pop – Real Wild Child (Wild One)
Jam – A Town Called Malice
John Foxx – Europe After The Rain
Jon & Vangelis – I Hear You Now
Kinks Lost & Found
Kissing The Pink – One Step
Lewis Furey – The Sky Is Falling
Living Colour – Glamour Boys
Mandala – Opportunity
Moby – One Of These Mornings
My Morning Jacket – Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Part II
New Pornographers – Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Secret
Peter Gabriel & Kate bush – Don’t Give Up
Peter Murphy – Indigo Eyes
Propellerheads & Shirley Bassey – Goldfinger
R.E.M. – Everybody Hurts
Rammstein – Sehnsucht
Robbie Robertson – Fallen Angel
Roger Waters – Towers Of Faith
Roger Waters – Leaving Beirut
Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light
Slave To The SQUAREwave – Healing Hands
Sly & The Family Stone – Dance To The Music
Spoons – Old Emotions
Spoons – Ciao
Tenants – Sheriff
Tin Star Orphans – Men With Guns
Vanity Project – Wilted Rose
Visage – Damned Don’t Cry
Vital Sines – Collage

For previous David Marsden lists starting from 2003, visit RalphD’s blog “Marsbar Theater.” Ralph is the creator and original caretaker of the lists.

80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ Alphaville

Alphaville? Am I serious? Oh yeah. Here’s another band that had a couple of heavily rotated hits here in the U.S., making them seem like one-dimensional popsters. Many of us are more than familiar with “Big In Japan” and “Forever Young.” In fact, I heard both of those so many times over the years, I’d be fine with never hearing them again.

One of the benefits of working for a boss who is a musician is that I get to hear a different point of view about bands that I either only have limited knowledge of, or in some cases, no knowledge at all. The boss introduced me to an Alphaville song from the very same LP that produced the two aforementioned tracks. It’s called “To Germany With Love,” and let me tell you, it blew me away.

Just in case you are one of the two or three people who have never heard of Alphaville, here’s a brief history. The group formed in 1982 in Germany. The original members were Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd, and Frank Mertens, all stage names. The band’s first moniker was Forever Young – sound familiar? It was also the title of the first demo the trio created. In 1984, the band renamed to Alphaville and released “Big in Japan.” Shortly after, they released their debut LP, Forever Young. Frank Mertens left the trio, and was replaced by Ricky Echolette (yes, another pseudonym). The single “Big In Japan” was a huge worldwide success, followed by “Forever Young” which charted well in Europe and the US.

Subsequent releases of LPs and featured singles failed to produce any major chart hits in the US. It’s a shame. This is a group who, like other artists such as Modern English, A-Ha, and even Gary Numan, were improperly marketed, and unfairly remembered as “one-hit wonders” or having flash-in-the-pan popularity.

This is a band that is definitely worth exploring well beyond their most notorious hits. Their solid synth-pop foundation puts them in the same league as Ultravox. Add to that some very strong vocals, and the fact that the band currently continues to record, and this is an 80’s treasure that despite two very solid hits, was criminally underrated. 

“To Germany With Love” via YouTube user mikeszkoo:

“Jet Set” via YouTube user sathoru:

“Dance With Me” via YouTube user IsSiauliu2:

“To Germany With Love” (Demo) via YouTube user Abteilung33:

Official Alphaville website.

Purchase Alphaville music here.


1984: Forever Young
1986: Afternoons in Utopia
1989: The Breathtaking Blue
1994: Prostitute
1997: Salvation
1999: Dreamscapes
2000: Stark Naked and Absolutely Live
2001: Forever Pop
2003: CrazyShow
2010: Catching Rays on Giant

80’s Music Rules ~ More from Retrospect CFRC-FM ~ 09-7-10

So glad to have Ed-FM back – and as promised, in rare form. There was lots of lights flashing and loud thunder…and that was inside the studio! Ed served up a serious mix of rare, toe-tapping, chair-dancing energy on a platter – vinyl platter, that is. No self-respecting rare 80’s music fan could resist, so give in to your desires and be sure to join us next week.

 Be sure to tune in to Ed and his “I ain’t scared of no thunder and lightning” 80’s Retrospect show on CFRC-FM from 8 pm until 10 pm on Tuesday nights. Ed takes requests by phone: (613) 533-CFRC (2372) or email: retrospectcfrc at yahoo dot ca. Indulge yourself in some “80’s Music that doesn’t suck.” I guarantee die-hard 80’s New Wave/Post-punk fans will not be disappointed.

CFRC-FM Playlist September 7, 2010

Basement of Carruthers Hall in Queens University, Kingston, Ontario

ED-FM ~ Retrospect
80’s Music That Doesn’t Suck
If the “Listen Live” link on the CFRC Website doesn’t work, copy and paste this URL into your Windows Media Player:
Join us in the Chat Room during the show – either click the link on the right menu under the Rave and Roll graphic, or here.
To listen to any shows that you may have missed, go to the CFRC website and look up the archives under the “Programming” drop-down menu. You can enjoy Ed’s previous shows in one-hour increments.

Men Without Hats – I Know Their Name
New Musik – Changing Minds
Spoons – Nova Heart (12 inch)
Siouxsie & The Banshees – The Killing Jar (extended)
Images In Vogue – Lust For Love
Steve Hackett – A Doll Made In Japan
Glove – Perfect Murder
Stranglers – Duchess
Martha & The Muffins – Swimming
Alexei Sayle – Didn’t You Kill My Brother (12 inch)
Bongos – Tiger Night
Nash The Slash – Psychotic Reaction
Xmal Deutschland – Incubus Succubus
Sex Gang Children – Beasts
Yello – Vicious Games
Our Daughter’s Wedding  – Auto Music
New Order – Cries & Whispers (12 inch)
Transvision Vamp – I Just Want To Be With you
Benjamin Russell – Miracle

Marsbar Playlist ~ 9-5-2010

September 5, 2010

David Marsden on the Rock.FM every Saturday and Sunday night from 7 p.m. until midnight.

Tonight was a fabulous way to launch into the holiday. David debuted some music in the theatre that was fantastic. Tin Star Orphans, Don’t Tell Betsy, and Death Of The Author Brigade were featured prominently and exclusively in the Marsbar Theatre. There were also some great covers, as well as rarely heard masterpieces. Be sure to join us next week to add a little spice to your music life.

 ~ MissParker ~

10CC – Wall Street Shuffle
Bauhaus – She’s In Parties
Big Supreme – Don’t Walk
Box – Crying Out Loud For Love
Brian Eno – Baby’s On Fire
Broken Social Scene – Ungrateful Little Father
China Crisis – King In A Catholic Style
City Boy – The Greatest Story Ever Told
Clash – Mustapha Dance (Rock The Casbah Remix)
Crash Test Dummies – Heart Of Stone
Dave Rave – Good News
David Usher – Too Close To The Sun
Death Of The Author Brigade – Send All The Angels
Dee Long – Make Love In Zero Gravity
Dee Long – Goodnight Universe
Dominic Troiano – Eleanor Fagan
Don’t Tell Betsy – The Undead
Eight Seconds – Kiss You When It’s Dangerous
Elan Atias – Slave To Love
Everclear – Brown Eyed Girl
Gentleman Reg – We’re In A Thunderstorm
Golden Dogs – Underwater Goldmine
House Of Love – Marble
Iggy Pop – Pumpin’ For Jill
Jimmy Cliff – Reggae Night
Joe Tex – Hold On To What You’ve Got
Joel Plaskett – Rewind
Jona Lewie – Louise (We Get It Right)
King Crimson – Cat Food
Love Spit Love – How Soon Is Now?
Midge Ure – The Man Who Sold The World
New Musik – This World Of Water
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Maid Of Orleans
Parachute Club – Dancing At The Feet Of The Moon
Paul Weller – You Do Something To Me
Payola$ – Never Said I Loved You
Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party – Wish Upon A Dog Star
Pink Floyd – In The Flesh?
Pixies – Wave Of Mutilation
Placebo – Summer’s Gone
Rita Marley – One Draw
Sector 27 – One Fine Day
Slave To The SQUAREwave – Boy vs. Girl
Steve Harley – Understand
Thinkman – The Formula
Thomas Dolby – Wind Power
Tin Star Orphans – Jaw Wired Shut
Tin Star Orphans – Men With Guns
Tom Robinson Band – Listen To The Radio
Traffic – Low Spark Of High Heeled boys
Waterboys – Blues For Your Baby
Wombats – Let’s Dance To Joy Division

For previous David Marsden lists starting from 2003, visit RalphD’s blog “Marsbar Theater.” Ralph is the creator and original caretaker of the lists.

80’s Music Rules ~ Celebrating My 200th WordPress Post

A little more than a year and a half ago, I was looking for a new blogging home, contemplating giving up this crazy passion altogether, disgusted with feeling targeted by Blogger and YouTube for, in many cases, unfounded copyright infringements. I closed up shop on Blogger and wondered where the heck I would go to continue writing, and even what theme I would develop.

Along came Amd Whah who writes Every Major Dude With Half A Heart, a fantastic music journal that spans much more than my decade of choice. This terrific blogging friend recommended WordPress, and the rest, as they say, is history. My first tentative post had me searching for a theme, a raison d’etre, and somewhere about that time, the Criminally Underrated series was born.

My blogging journey has brought me friendships with two wonderful Canadian DJs (David Marsden and Ed Cooke) who are champions of the musical underdogs, an assortment of other music bloggers who have enriched my life in ways that I can’t even begin to describe, warm friendships with fellow music enthusiasts across the country, in Canada, and even across the globe. I have been blessed to correspond with musicians I have blogged about, and have discovered lost yet incredibly brilliant music from my favorite musical decade.

On the other hand, I have been inundated with spam and long, rambling nonsensical comments. I have even been called a “tw@t” and and “effin’ idiot” by readers with BBS – Big Balls Syndrome – a massive case of hubris operating under the cloak of electronic anonymity. It’s all good. I’m doing what I love to do, I don’t make a penny from it (notice the lack of ads on this page), and I’m satisfied with the knowledge that maybe a reader or two will learn something about a deserving 80’s artist.

The site doesn’t get a fraction of the traffic I would like it to. I realize that in many instances, people wander onto the site accidentally, and wander right back off of it, never to return. My hits are extremely low in number; but it’s that intermittent and heartfelt comment from either readers or the subjects of my posts, that keep me going.

If you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting, and for helping to keep criminally underrated music from the 80’s alive and well. Support the deserving artists that received the short shrift from radio marketing drones and mind-numbing MTV, yet contributed their limitless talents in forming the foundation of the vital 80’s music scene. Their music is the food and water that nourishes my life, and for that I am forever grateful.

Europe After The Rain ~ John Foxx via YouTube user Industrial82:

Waiting For The Floods ~ Armoury Show via YouTube user RNRegina:

Pure ~ Gary Numan via YouTube user neveser:

Spinning Away ~ Brian Eno and John Cale via YouTube user mimosaku:

The Pan Within ~ The Waterboys via YouTube user nick40nick40:

Marsbar Playlist ~ 9-4-2010

September 4, 2010

David Marsden on the Rock.FM every Saturday and Sunday night from 7 p.m. until midnight.

The holiday weekend is a lot brighter thanks to the entertainment that David Marsden provides. The show tonight was stellar. Be sure to keep your holiday on a festive track by joining us tomorrow night (Sunday) from 7 pm until midnight. I can’t think of a better way to spend the evening…can you?

~ MissParker ~

69 Eyes – Betty Blue
Beatles – Ain’t She Sweet
Blue Peter – Don’t Walk Past
Blue Rodeo – Never Look Back
Call – I Still Believe
Champion – Resistance (Skool)
Darkroom – A Test Of Time
David Bowie – Diamond Dogs
Deborah Harry & Iggy Pop – Well Did You Evah?
Depeche Mode – Everything Counts
Diamonds – Little Darlin’
Dr. John – Such A Night
Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
Elvis Costello – The Other Side Of Summer
Fred Schneider – Monster
Gentleman Reg – Rewind
Godley & Creme – An Englishman In New York
Grapes Of Wrath – See Emily Play
Icehouse – Crazy
Icehouse – Electric Blue
INXS – Devil Inside
Isaac Hayes – Theme From Shaft
Japan – Quiet Life
Klaatu – Dr. Marvello
Lightning Seeds – Marvelous
Lindsey Buckingham – Holiday Road
Long John Baldry – Mr. Rubin
Matthew Sweet – Dark Secret
Moby – We Are All-Stars
Moist – Silver
Nails – 88 Lines About 44 Women
National Velvet – Sex Gorilla
Pete Shelley – Homosapien
Pete Wylie – Sinful
Portishead & Moloko – Fun For Me
Powder Blues Band – What Have I Been Drinking
Ramones – Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio
Robbie Robertson – Testimony
Roger Waters – Sunset Strip
Rough Trade – Paisley Generation
Scissor Sisters – Filthy/Gorgeous
Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light
Shirley Bassey – Light My Fire
Shriekback – My Spine (Is The Bassline)
Silencers – Bulletproof Heart
Sisters Of Mercy – Lucretia My Reflection
Slave To The SQUAREwave – Dirty Disco
Spoons – Ciao
Stranglers – Nice ‘N’ Sleazy
Tourists – I Only Want To Be With You
Type O Negative – Cinammon Girl
Vis-à-Vis  – Shadowplay
William Shatner w/Joe Jackson – Common People

For previous David Marsden lists starting from 2003, visit RalphD’s blog “Marsbar Theater.” Ralph is the creator and original caretaker of the lists.

80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ Felt

I have to admit, this one has me scratching my head. Since hearing “Primitive Painters” a few years ago (and far after the time it was first released), I became immediately smitten. This song remains high on my list of top 100 singles I would have to have on a deserted island. From that perspective alone, I decided to feature Felt in my criminally underrated series.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that this prolific group released 10 albums throughout the 80’s! I truly had no idea. That’s one of the great benefits of maintaining this site. It’s a learning, as well as teaching process.

Felt formed in 1979 in Birmingham, England. Its core was comprised of songwriter Lawrence (that’s it – just “Lawrence”) on guitar and vocals, Maurice Deebank (guitar and co-songwriter), Martin Duffy (keyboards), Marco Thomas (bass and guitar), and several other members who wandered in and out throughout the decade. Felt started out with an airy sound, quite different from the birth of post-punk and New Wave burgeoning about.

The album that I am most familiar with is Ignite The Seven Cannons which didn’t make it’s appearance until midway through the band’s career. This album contains the beautiful and timeless single “Primitive Painters,” which also features Elizabeth Frazer (Cocteau Twins) on backing vocals.

From Wikipedia:

In 1989 Lawrence declared it had been his intention all along to release ten singles and ten albums in ten years and, having done so, announced the end of Felt. After releasing their last album and undertaking a short tour the band split up. Lawrence went on to form Denim and, later, Go Kart Mozart.

Two albums that followed Ignite the Seven Cannons are solely instrumental: Let the Snakes Crinkle Their Heads to Death and Train Above the City. Also, two other post-Cannons LPs are cited as Felt’s masterpieces: Forever Breathes the Lonely Word and Poem of the River. It looks like I have some exploring to do to better familiarize myself with this unique band. If anyone has any personal experience with Felt music to share, please feel free to leave a comment.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll find “Primitive Painters” to be as beautiful and inspiring an anthem as I have. If the music doesn’t get to you, then the lyrics certainly should:

© 1985 Felt

I just wish my life could be
As strange as a conspiracy
I hold out hope but there’s no way
To be what I want to be

The dragons blow fire, angels fly
The spirits wither in the air
I’m just me I can’t deny
I’m here, there and everywhere

Oh, you should see my trail of disgrace
It’s enough to scare the whole human race
Oh, you should see my trail of disgrace
It’s enough to scare the whole human race

I don’t care about this life
They say there’ll be another one
Defeatist attitude I know
Will you be sorry when I’m gone

The primitive painters are ships
Floating in an empty sea
Gathering in galleries
Nostalgists of imagery

Oh, you should see my trail of disgrace
It’s enough to ruin the whole human race
Oh, you should see my trail of disgrace
It’s enough to ruin the whole human race

Buy Felt music here.

“Primitive Painters” via YouTube user junkshopper:

“Cathedral” via YouTube user MarkTurver1990:

“Rain of Crystal Spires” via YouTube user secretshine:

“Grey Streets” via YouTube user secretshine:


Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty (1982)
The Splendour of Fear (1984)
The Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories (1984)
Ignite the Seven Cannons (1985)
Let the Snakes Crinkle Their Heads to Death (1986)
Forever Breathes the Lonely Word (1986)
Poem of the River (1987)
The Pictorial Jackson Review (1988)
Train Above the City (1988)
Me and a Monkey on the Moon (1989)