80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ Yeah Yeah Noh

Listening to Ed-FM on CFRC and David Marsden from the 94.9 TheRock.FM is always a learning experience. Like me, they champion the lesser-known artists which ends up with their shows being treasure troves of music I’ve never before experienced. I believe in sharing this wealth of knowledge, so whenever I hear a talented artist or band that should have been widely-known but ended up being overlooked, it’s my pleasure to give them some deserved exposure here.

Yeah Yeah Noh is a staple of Ed-FM’s show. They were a post-punk group from Leicester, England that began life in 1984. One of the reasons this band may have been so obscure is that they were only together for two years. It was a productive period, though, which saw the release of three albums.

Yeah Yeah Noh was made up of Derek Hammond (vocals, guitar) and John Grayland (guitar). Adrian Crossan (bass) joined them in time to record their first single. Sue Dorey (drums, vocals) was later brought on board, just in time for their second single.

Yeah Yeah Noh’s style has been alternately described as punk, post-punk, and jangle pop. There seems to be a little something for everyone: a variety of sounds along with meaningful and sometimes playful lyrics. The band also flirted with psychedelic rock after guitarist Tom Slater joined. Unfortunately, nothing really cemented the group together, and it came apart without settling into its own signature groove. Before they broke up, however, they recorded some sessions for John Peel which were, fortunately, preserved and eventually released 20 years later in 2006.

If post-punk is your preferred sound, check out Yeah Yeah Noh. Their spare delivery is, at times, somewhat reminiscent of another criminally underrated post-punk band from L.A. – the Abecedarians. And, thanks to some dedicated fans, Yeah Yeah Noh has a few entries on YouTube that you can sample.

Purchase Yeah Yeah Noh music here.

Blood Soup” via YouTube user qashak:

Beware The Weakling Lines” via YouTube user euth:

The Superimposed Man” via YouTube user hawthorne 1975:

Houdini” via YouTube user COGENTCOG:


When I Am A Big Girl (1985)
Cutting The Heavenly Lawn of Greatness…Last Rites For The God Of Love (1985)
Fun On The Lawn, Lawn, Lawn (1986)
Leicester Square: The Best of Yeah Yeah Noh (2006)

2 thoughts on “80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ Yeah Yeah Noh

  1. ((((((((Ed))))))))) – some really cool obscure-loving DJ from Canada turned me on to them. 🙂 Will miss you this week – looking forward to your return on the 7th.



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