80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ Strange Advance

SA_aStrange Advance was another uniquely talented band to begin life in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Recognized as Canada’s west coast hotbed of talent, Vancouver boasts a solid play list of musicians from the 80’s and beyond. Strange Advance is no exception.


One of Strange Advance’s identifying traits is the ethereal, otherworldly use of synthesizers to enhance their sound. My favorite track is “Worlds Away” from their 1983 album of the same name. It reminds me of the background music from the PBS series “Cosmos” starring the late Dr. Carl Sagan.SA_c I have such fond memories of being mesmerized by the hourly show, and “Worlds Away” transports me straight back to that captivating, yet comforting time.


The band began as Drew Arnott (keyboards, percussion, vocals), Darryl Kromm (lead vocals, guitars), and Paul Iverson (bass). Ric deGroot (keyboards), Ian Cameron (guitar, violin), Joey Alvero (bass), and David Quinton (drums) were brought on board to tour in support of Strange Advance’s first two albums.


As with many of the bands I feature here, I only learned of this group in recent years after being bowled over by “Worlds Away.” The band is also known for a hit single “We Run,” a vocally emotive 80’s anthem song. In all, this was a solid band that had everything necessary to take the world by storm, but instead was relatively short-lived. The music world can be a completely mystifying and unfair environment. Strange Advance’s limited success underscores what a tough world it truly is.

“We Run” via YouTube user wormguy119:

“Worlds Away” via YouTube user Michael Aalgaard:

“Love Becomes Electric” via YouTube user wormguy119:

“Love Games” via YouTube user wormguy119:

Purchase Strange Advance music here.

 80’s Discography

sa_1Worlds Away (1982)

sa_22WO (1985)

sa_3Over 60 Minutes With…Strange Advance (1987)

sa_4The Distance Between (1988)

8 thoughts on “80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ Strange Advance

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  2. My jaw drops at some of these great bands you’ve rediscovered – especially all these great Canadian bands. Nice discovery, this one! I especially liked “World’s Away.”


  3. Thank you ((((Joey)))) – so much of this music has become a vital part of my day – a little something to get me through work – and there is so much out there that is waiting to be discovered – just from the 80’s alone!



  4. Hi there,

    World’s Away is a song that reminds my best friend of me every time she hears it. I love Strange Advance!



  5. I think I played it too much to be honest, so she likely cannot help but think of me when she hears it…haha



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