Saying Good-bye to a Dear Blogging Friend


Dearest Merz,

I wish the world wasn’t as you described it. I wish I had the power to make it better for you. I wish I could make all of your pain go away, to help you focus on only the good things in life. I wish I lived closer, to give you a big hug, to let you know that not everyone in the world has an agenda, not everyone is selfish, not everyone uses the anonymity of the Internet to be a cyber-bully.

I wish you would reconsider because you are much better, much stronger, much more talented than the assholes who feel they have to bang their own drums to gain popularity. I wish you could see that being “on top” does not equate with having true friends that care, only users and hangers-on that want a piece of the action. I wish I could make you see that what’s important is clinging to your own identity, not conforming for the sake of meaningless numbers.

Above all, I wish I could help you find the peace, love, and happiness you deserve. And, I wish this big hole in my heart would mend…but it won’t.

Love and Hugs,

6 thoughts on “Saying Good-bye to a Dear Blogging Friend

  1. Hi MissP,
    I don’t know Merz, but I really appreciate your post for her. It shows how great a friend you are, virtually and in real life. Merz, I hope and wish things get better for you; and while the world turns, one thing to keep in mind, we sure are lucky to have MissP on our side. 🙂


  2. Hey ((((McDoc)))) – I’ve been thinking about you because of the bad weather you’ve been experiencing. Hope you and your family are well.

    Merz (a “he”) has done a superb job of running a blog called “Mars Needs Guitars.” For any number of reasons, he nuked it and all of his social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) last night. When a friend is hurting, it’s a helpless feeling to not be able to do something to make it better.

    Meanwhile, be well – and thank you for all that you do with your fabulous mixes.



  3. Hi MissP – Thanks for expressing so eloquently what those of us that knew him all feel. It is heartbreaking to see him stop doing the things that obviously meant so much to him.


  4. Thank you ((((Kelly))))

    I’m hoping that Merz will see there are many more people who care for and support him than the few who give him grief.



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