80’s Music Rules ~ More from Retrospect CFRC-FM ~ 06-16-09


Happy Birthday Ed-FM! To celebrate his own special day, Ed was out of the gate at full speed. Some highlights included the album version of Altered Image’s “I Could Be Happy,” and a huge plug for Pukka Orchestra with their critically acclaimed “Cherry Beach Express” and “Weekend Come alive” – yes, we certainly do, don’t we? And did I mention a very rare live version of “Here Comes The Fool” by Simple Minds? Ultra-fabulous stuff!

 Be sure to tune in to Ed and his “kick butt” 80’s Retrospect show on CFRC-FM from 8 pm until 10 pm on Tuesday nights. Ed takes requests by phone: (613) 533-CFRC (2372) or email: retrospectcfrc at yahoo dot ca. Indulge yourself in some “80’s Music that doesn’t suck.” I guarantee die-hard 80’s New Wave/post-punk fans will not be disappointed.

CFRC-FM Playlist June 16, 2009

 Basement of Carruthers Hall in Queens University, Kingston, Ontario
ED-FM ~ Retrospect
80’s Music That Doesn’t Suck
If the “Listen Live” link on the CFRC Website doesn’t work, copy and paste this URL into your Windows Media Player: http://sunsite.queensu.ca:8000/
Join us in the Chat Room during the show – either click the link on the right menu under the Rave and Roll graphic, or here.

1.      M + M – Song In My Head Going Round And Round
2.      Altered Images – If I Could Be Happy
3.      Coconuts  – Naughty Boy
4.      Extras – Somebody Snatched It
5.      Pukka Orchestra – Cherry Beach Express
6.      Simple Minds – Here Comes The Fool (live/ Silver Box Set)
7.      Tears for Fears – Mad World (the World Remixed version)
8.      The Alarm – Strength (12” mix)
9.      Shakespeare’s Sister – Dirty Mind (live version)
10. The Creatures – Fury Eyes (20-20 mix)
11. Yello – Vicious Games (12” single)
12. Modern Romance – Tonight (12” single)
13. Devo – Dr. Detroit
14. Cactus World News – Years Later
15. Jam – Fever (12” single)
16. Creef – My Love Come Soon
17. The The – I’ve Been Waiting For Tomorrow (All Of My Life)
18. Nina Hagen – Alptraum
19. Gina X Performance – Be A Boy
20. Pukka Orchestra – Weekend Come Alive

 Once again – Happy Birth-yester-day!

Altered Images – Happy Birthday via YouTube user slowtofade:

6 thoughts on “80’s Music Rules ~ More from Retrospect CFRC-FM ~ 06-16-09

  1. ((((Joey)))))

    This weekend, I am going to make a big effort to check out the dBs. You have me intrigued. It has been a crazy week and i haven’t gotten around to it, but what you’ve written has got me convinced.

    All the best,


  2. I hope you enjoy some of their work! I’ve heard bands I like cite them as an influence for years but was mostly only familiar with their Like This album, which isn’t considered their really influential album (but is still chock full of pop goodness). The first two albums though – great pop tunage and some pretty innovative arrangements, especially in terms of rhythm.

    Some of it takes a couple of listens, but I think its worth it. The five tracks from Like This that I really dig though are pop gold. 😀


  3. “She took his car, she took his bike….she took everything he liked.” 😀

    I’m listening now. Fantastic music – thank you so much!



  4. Hey (((((Willy)))))

    Been missing you in David’s chat. If any of Ed-FM’s music intrigues you, please listen on Tuesday nights from 8-10 pm and join us in chat using the link on the top right side while the show is on. Would love to hear from you!



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