80’s Music Rules ~ More from Retrospect CFRC-FM ~ 04-14-09



What a hawt, hawt, hawt show last night! Ed-FM found his groove from the first request fulfilled, “We Can Walk” by Plastercene Replicas, to a mind-numbing heavy metal smoker by Icicle Works, of all groups. Remember “Whisper To A Scream?” Well, “Shit Creek” made my ears bleed – it was a shocker to hear that number by New Wavers that took a wrong turn somewhere along the music roadmap of the 80’s. So much obscure music – so little time!


Be sure to tune in to Ed and his nuclear hot 80’s Retrospect show on CFRC-FM from 8 pm until 10 pm on Tuesday nights. Ed takes requests by phone: (613) 533-CFRC (2372) or email: retrospectcfrc at yahoo dot ca. Indulge yourself in some “80’s Music that doesn’t suck.” I guarantee die-hard 80’s New Wave/post-punk fans will not be disappointed.


CFRC-FM Playlist April 14, 2009


Basement of Carruthers Hall in Queens University, Kingston, Ontario

ED-FM ~ Retrospect

80’s Music That Doesn’t Suck

If the “Listen Live” link on the CFRC Website doesn’t work, copy and past this URL into your Windows Media Player: http://sunsite.queensu.ca:8000/


  1. Plastercene Replicas – We Can Walk
  2. The Colourfield – The Colourfield
  3. Romeo Void – Six Days Plus One
  4. Magic Dragon – Objet Du Desire
  5. Tears For Fears – Mad World
  6. Sons Of The Desert – Best Things
  7. Savage Progress – My Soul Unwraps Tonight (Ext)
  8. Gazebo – I Like Chopin (12” Mega Mix)
  9. Comsat Angels – Lost Continent (Demo)
  10. Perfect World – Vacation In Black
  11. The Icicle Works – Shit Creek
  12. Sons Of Freedom – Super Cool Wagon (12” Mix)
  13. Casino Music – Fait Le Proton
  14. Stan Ridgway – The Big Heat
  15. New Musik – They All Run After The Carving Knife
  16. Colourbox – Fast Dump
  17. The Slow Children – Unplugging The Vacuum
  18. Tear Garden – Ophelia
  19. The Cassandra Complex – Pick Up
  20. Seeing Red – Ice (7” Mix)

10 thoughts on “80’s Music Rules ~ More from Retrospect CFRC-FM ~ 04-14-09

  1. A very well done show with those obsure songs that I heard. It’s been ages since I heard @1, #8 and #10 and they were awesome to hear again. Good show, Ralph, about requesting #1.

    I have heard Perfect World’s “Have a Good Look” eons ago on CFNY “The Spirit of Radio” but I had forgotten about “Vacation In Black” which was playing in my head most of the day today. Whew, no struggling to get songs out of my head for a change. 🙂

    As I’m a big Comsat Angels fan, I thought I heard all their songs but #9 was the first time I heard it .. nice. 🙂

    Thanks again, Ed!



  2. Heya ((((Glen))))

    Thanks so much for your comment. It was certainly a smokin’ hot show last night. Ralph’s requests were dynamite. At one point when I checked in with Ed I told him I was only batting about .125 – LOL. That’s the way I like it because it means I’m getting a good education!

    All the best and see you in the theatre Friday night – I’ll be listening Thursday night, but that damnable *ork stuff just gets in the way.



  3. Thanks for the kinds, I had lots of fun last night. I was afraid I may have scared away most of my listeners with that Icicle Works track LOL.




  4. (((Ed)))

    I seriously doubt that – I thought it was cool to hear the “dark side” of a band that I had previously regarded as strictly New Wave. Definitely eye-opening and a great music lesson. Just a fab set all around!



  5. Heya ((((fifty))))

    That’s very cool – I hope Ed-FM comes back and sees your comment. He is tied with you for being the “King of Obscure.” 🙂 Thank you for the link – and the history on the group.



  6. Mineforlife….COOL!!!! 🙂 That is where I picked up the track and I was a fan the moment I heard it. I was trying figure out the best time to play. I would be interested in more information, I plan on played the other side in the near future. Drop me an email at retrospectcfrc at cfrc dot ca



  7. Holy smokes!! Plastercene Replicas!! I forgot all about them. They mixed all the good things about 80’s Pop (i.e. original melodic hooks) with everything bad (i.e. monotonal vocals) and some how made it interesting enough that I wouldn’t change the channel.


  8. Hey MJ,

    That’s as good a description as I could think of for them. Actually, Tuesday night was the first time i heard them – Ed played them as a result of a request.

    All the best to you and Teatro Triste. 🙂



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