80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ The Lucy Show



Here is yet another 80’s post-punk/ New Wave band that deserved much more attention and accolades than it received. It was called ”The Lucy Show” and was formed by Mark Bandola (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Rob Vandeven (vocals, bass), with Pete Barraclough (guitars, keyboards), and Bryan Hudspeth (drums). Bandola and Vandeven were two Canadian-born friends who had moved to England in the late 1970s.

In 1983, The Lucy Show released their first single, “Leonardo da Vinci,” on Shout Records. The legendary John Peel took notice of this track and gave it airplay. In 1984,  The Lucy Show was invited by R.E.M. to support them on their 1984 UK tour.

In 1985, the band’s debut album, …undone, was released. Even though the album enjoyed great critical acclaim and a meteoric rise up the charts, the band soon learned that they were being dropped from their current record label A&M UK. This put a serious crimp in their upward climb to success.

In 1986, the band released their second album, Mania on Big Time Records. This album garnered two major college-radio hits and a video for “A Million Things” which received airplay on MTV. However, Big Time Records went belly-up, again foiling the chances for the band to break through the music industry’s barriers in a memorable way.

The band disbanded, leaving Bandola and Vandeven to release one final single, “Wherever Your Heart Will Go”, in 1988 on Redhead Records. The single flopped and The Lucy Show faded into obscurity forever.

Fortunately for us, Mania was reissued on CD containing several bonus tracks. Unfortunately, …undone has not been re-released and to this day remains out of print. This is a shame because three excellent, moody, gorgeously lush songs are on this album: Ephemeral (This is No Heaven), The White Space, and Twister. Another blogger, Bubu from Musicalement Votre is a huge The Lucy Show fan. Visit his site and do a search for the band to find out more information.


“Ephemeral (This Is No Heaven)” via YouTube user tadeuz30:


“Part Of Me Now” via YouTube user rockcientounico:


“A Million Things” via YouTube user thewhitespace:



…undone (out of print)







1.      Ephemeral (This Is No Heaven)

2.      Resistance

3.      Come Back To The Living

4.      The White Space

5.      Wipe Out

6.      Twister

7.      Undone

8.      Remain

9.      Better On The Hard Side

10. Remembrances

11. Dream Days


the-lucy-show Purchase Mania









1.      Land And The Life

2.      View From The Outside

3.      Sojourn’s End

4.      A Million Things

5.      Sad September

6.      Sun And Moon

7.      Shame

8.      Melody

9.      Part Of Me Now

10. New Message

11. Jam In E

12. Invitation

13. Civil Servant

14. Sun And Moon (live)

15. View From The Outside (live)

16. New Message (basement demo)

17. A Million Things (original mix)

18. A Million Things [multimedia track]



7 thoughts on “80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ The Lucy Show

  1. Hey Joey,

    With all of the *junk* that makes it to the airwaves, repeated ad nauseum, and force-fed upon the masses, I’m always amazed at the talent that is wasted either by mismanagement or corporate ignorance. Thank you for your comment.

    All the best,


  2. Hello A.FlockOfSeagulls,

    Thanks for your visit and kind comment. I have added you to my music links. All the best to you to keep on dodging the “blogger bullet.” 🙂



  3. Hi Miss P,

    Many thanks for the link (hope to send some return traffic your way in kind). Best wishes to you also. Will check in regularly to Rave and Roll in the future. 🙂



  4. I have been a big fan of The Lucy Show since I heared Undone the first time in the recordstore back in 85. I immidiately bought the Vinyl LP and it spinned on my tt for weeks. Okay, days of Vinyl passed and I switched to CD. I was very happy when I found both the Undone and Mania for download.Only 128 bit/s MP3 but the music is still some of the best post punk/wave/shoegaze I ever heard. And “Sad September” is by far the best song for foggy autum evenings. Plug in the earphones and go for a walk in nature while listening to this masterpice. to understand what I mean.


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