80’s Music Rules ~ I Want My CFRC-FM ~ 01-13-09


Sigh. I just received word that there will be no Retrospect broadcast tonight from CFRC-FM. Inclement weather (quite possibly an understatement based on the winter storms my Canadian friends have been experiencing all season) has caused a power outage at the station’s transmitter.

Tune in next Tuesday night from 8-10 pm (EST) for a delightful show from Ed-FM and “80’s Music that doesn’t suck.”

6 thoughts on “80’s Music Rules ~ I Want My CFRC-FM ~ 01-13-09

  1. Miss Parker

    Ed e-mailed me to let me know that the show was not going to be on. he said that there was a power outtage. We have been e-mailing back and forth about different songs etc….

    Just an FYI

    Best Wishes



  2. Hi Willy,

    He was kind enough to let me know as well. I had first tried to connect at the station and saw the message on the site. Then, I found his email telling me what the problem was. All y’alls up north have had your hands full this winter.

    Looking forward to Marsden tonight and tomorrow….then ED-FM will be here again in a few days. 🙂 All the best to you and stay warm!



  3. I think last Winter was worse here.

    But yes, that reads like an understatement.

    Still, I’d say less snow storms this year (at least it seems like it, but not my much) but more chilly temps this year. Frigid.

    We’re getting Alberta weather here in Ontario!

    Even Vancouver, who never get snow, got snow this year.

    I almost think I have to second-guess this Global Warming thing.. 😛


  4. Hey Jason,

    No global warming here in the tropics. This has been the coolest winter in recent memory. Not that I’m complaining, mind you…because I know what’s coming this July-September – LOL.

    Hope you get a chance to listen in to CFRC on Tuesday. Also hoping David Marsden is feeling better soon so we can meet up there later this week.

    All the best,


  5. Hello MissP everyone, thanks for all the kind words. I was very disappointed about last week. We did not get too much snow, it was the flash freeze that caused all the grief. I will be on air tonight and I hope you tune in.




  6. Hiya Ed,

    I’ll be there with bells on. 🙂 Between the transmitter failure at CFRC and David’s illness on Friday, it was a bleak week for me musically. Looking forward to your show tonight, and to David feeling better!

    All the best,


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