80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ Gary Numan

rave-and-rollMy infatuation with Gary Numan began a few years ago when a fellow music enthusiast introduced me to “I Die You Die.” Upon hearing this song, I was stunned – I mean, Gary Numan actually did something other than “Cars?” Thus began a journey that uncovered an endless supply of musical gems, and a better understanding of the mistakenly-perceived-as-aloof artist himself.

After discovering and listening to anything and everything I could get my hands on, starting with his band “Tubeway Army” and finishing with the most recent live “Replicas” performance, I was amazed to come to grips with the fact that I actually preferred Gary Numan’s later, goth/industrial songs. Although I am a huge fan of 80’s synthesizer-driven New Wave, and Gary Numan has indeed been called the “Godfather of Synthesizer,” I identify with the dark, unbridled emotion that surges forth from brilliant songs such as “Exile,” “Pure,” and “Listen to My Voice.”

Numan and his wife Gemma have suffered through the deep disappointment of several miscarriages, causing him to rail against God and the faith of those who believe. Although I don’t agree with his atheism, I respect his views and understand the pain that brought him to his conclusions. I also admire the fact that he has handled these unbridled, raw, and potentially self-destructive emotions by channeling them through his music. This man not only wears his emotions on his sleeve, he lays his soul bare for the world to see.

Gary Numan ~ Dark (via jd800lover on YouTube)
Gary Numan is a delight to watch in an interview. Ever gracious, yet brutally honest, he answers questions with thoughtfulness and dignity. He is humble, self-effacing, and quick to give credit to others where it is due. He is also equally quick to emasculate his critics for the damage they have attempted to rain down on his reputation and his career. Try as they might to destroy him, Gary Numan has bounced back stronger than ever, towing a large and dedicated fan base in his wake. He is never at a loss for words in describing his gratitude to those that have stuck by him throughout the past 4 decades of extreme highs and lows.

Gary Numan ~ Crazier (via Industrial82 on YouTube)

I’ve made quite a few video montages, several in honor of this hugely talented man, three of which were wrongly ordered taken down from YouTube. No matter what Eagle Records says, with the help of another fan, I have received written permission from Tony Webb, Gary Numan’s father/manager to use this music. Numan has always maintained that he has no problem with fans using his music to promote him, as long as we do not profit from it.

That said, here is one of the videos I put my own time and resources into, in honor of a man that has worked brutally hard to achieve the modest successes he has enjoyed.

Gary Numan ~ Pure

Gary Numan: There is far more to this gifted artist than “Cars.” Check him out.

11 thoughts on “80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ Gary Numan

  1. Hi Robert,

    If I’ve introduced you to music you weren’t aware of (and you discover that you like), then I’m doing my job! 🙂

    Thanks so much for stopping by.



  2. A great under rated artist. If you have not heard his live double CD “Live from the Brixton Academy” (I believe it was recorded around 2001) then I highly recommend it. The perfect blend of some of the classics intermixed with his newer material at the time.



  3. Miss P, Miss P – just dropped in to wish you and yours a most splendid Yule: your first in your new (blog) home; it’ll be fine once you get the curtains up eh? x


  4. Hi Ed,

    I don’t have that CD set…but I do have the “Fragment 1,” “Fragment 2” (both from 2004) and “Hope Bleeds” (2003) DVDs. He’s great in concert. Some of the videos I’ve seen on YouTube are from the tour you’ve mentioned. I hope to one day see him on stage. 🙂 All the best to you for a Merry Christmas ans Happy New Year!



  5. ((((Davy)))) – thank you so much – and all the very best to you and your family. Do you like these curtains….or perhaps those? I’m having a difficult time deciding on a color scheme.



  6. Both numan and foxx are very underated I’m a big fan of these artists but it was kraftwerke who were the godfathers of electronic music or was it the bbc radio phonic workshop with the dr who theme but I understand that a synthesizer made by Hammond was used in a Vera lynn song in 1939

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