80’s Music Rules ~ So Does David Marsden

I’ve mentioned and linked the blog called Mars Bar Theatre, and now I want to explain what it’s about. It is a fan’s heartfelt tribute to a Canadian radio legend, David Marsden.

David’s career spans over 4 decades. In the 80’s, he was a fixture at the legendary Brampton, Ontario radio station CFNY (visit an informative site dedicated to CFNY called “The Spirit of Radio” here). This is a period held dear by many Canadians and border-dwelling Americans alike who sought out a glimmer of individuality in the dreary, cookie-cutter world of formulaic radio broadcasting. Top 40, EmpTV-driven, and heavy rotation domination formed the basis of most of the popular music stations here in the states. Those lucky enough to tune into CFNY, and David’s show in particular, were treated to cutting edge music far superior to the glut of oft-repeated dreck prescribed by corporate-American fat cats who pretended to know what the public wanted to hear.

I accidentally stumbled across Mars Bar Theatre and, in so doing, struck up a “conversation” via email with the blog owner. He encouraged me to tune into David Marsden’s show, brought to the world via 94.9 The Rock, the Internet and streaming media, every [edit:] Saturday and Sunday night from 7 pm until midnight. I tuned in for the first time last April, and was instantly hooked.

“Eclectic” is a word I tend to overuse to describe the music on Marsden’s show, but I really can’t think of a better adjective. He selects music that is all over the place rather than from one specific genre, but is a joy to listen to because it all meshes so well. Some songs will sound vaguely familiar, some will have you slapping your forehead and exclaiming, “I can’t believe I’m hearing this! It reminds me of…” Or even, “Wow – I haven’t heard that since…!” The listening experience is a combination of a trip down memory lane and a lesson in creative broadcasting.

It’s my recommendation that everyone give David’s show a listen, visit Mars Bar Theatre to look over the playlists that Ralph, the blog owner carefully constructs based on the current night’s show, and even take a trip to David’s website, Marsden Global. Marsden is entertaining, irreverent, funny as heck and one of those unaffected celebrities that actually answers his email. Give him a shout – and you just may be lucky enough to get a “shout-out” back.

Finally, here is a video montage I made in honor of this great man. It’s the least I can do to show my appreciation for the joy he’s given me over the past few months.

5 thoughts on “80’s Music Rules ~ So Does David Marsden

  1. Hooray! Now you can teach me WordPress when I switch over! As I mentioned at the other place, I’m proud of you. And here for you if you need anything(I’m working on the email reply).


  2. ((((Chris)))))

    Are you thinking about switching over? Great!!!

    Now the pressure is on to learn all this new stuff….LOL



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